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the largest Australian city located in southeastern Australia on the Tasman Sea

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Although responsibility for actual preparation of the Sydney metropolitan plan which he had advocated lay with the CCC, Weekes remained involved with the rationalisation of local government in Greater Sydney.
Jinadasa KBPN, Milham PJ, Hawkins CA, Cornish PS, Williams PA, Kaldor CJ, Conroy JP (1997) Survey of cadmium levels in vegetables and soils of Greater Sydney, Australia.
The stool samples examined by EPL-SEALS in May 2006 were from patients treated in public hospitals and nursing homes within the Eastern Sydney and Illawarra regions as well as referred samples from private laboratories serving the Greater Sydney region.
5m people across the greater Sydney metropolitan area.
The cave is the largest aboriginal art site in the Blue Mountains, northwest of Sydney, and one of the largest of more than 5,000 indigenous art locations in the greater Sydney region, Tacon said.
Homes and livelihoods had been destroyed in the greater Sydney area on Christmas Day, and the fires continued to rage.
Every Rural Fire Service station in greater Sydney was operating and the NSW Fire Brigade had put its entire staff on stand-by, said state Emergency Services Minister Bob Debus.
Facilities are scattered around Sydney, but the main centre is at Homebush Bay, on the famous harbour some 15 kilometres west of the Opera House, although it is actually the demographic centre of Greater Sydney.
In greater Sydney, enough trash to fill 600 football fields is being cleared daily as part of a round-the-clock clean-up operation.
Ironically, the potential over-supply of sporting facilities throughout the entire greater Sydney area will make it easier for sports and entertainment promoters to force down hiring prices by making the facilities bid against each other to get the events.
The Greater Sydney area is set for a reduction in traffic congestion and air pollution with the recent launch of Easy Share, Australia's first computerised car-sharing scheme.
Unfortunately, there is little discussion of the painted or engraved rock pictures of the greater Sydney region and a number of other significant areas, such as those of Western Australia, also get no more than a mention.
This material will be used in pre-mixed concrete, concrete products and asphalt production in the greater Sydney region.
Hobgood--Brown , Hunters Hill, NSW, Australia: A member of the eClub of Greater Sydney, Hobgood--Brown is a communication and project management specialist and educator with more than 30 years of experience living and working in nine countries.
1, the New South Wales (NSW) Premier Mike Baird and Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian announced that the Opal rollout on trains, buses, ferries and light rail for the greater Sydney region had been completed months ahead of schedule.
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