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the most common variety of prairie chicken

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But for humans more accustomed to the landscape, more at home in the wilderness of the prairie, the mating rituals of the greater prairie-chicken inspired art.
Bison were the keystone, or most influential, species on the landscape where the greater prairie-chicken evolved.
Though grazing is a disturbance as native to the prairie as fire, and one that's important to the life-cycle of many animals including the greater prairie-chicken, the style of grazing practiced by most ranchers hasn't taken ecology or wildlife into full consideration.
Which is good news for the greater prairie-chicken.
The greater prairie-chicken may offer some insight into this puzzle.
Her work also could play a role in the larger story of the greater prairie-chicken in North America.
Only one of our six radio-marked hens which lost their first broods before chicks fledged was known to have renested following brood loss in this study, and previous research did not document second broods for any of 47 cases in which radio-marked female Greater Prairie-Chickens lost their first broods prior to fledging (McNew et al.
Reproductive biology of a southern population of Greater Prairie-Chickens.
1998a) reported that flushing incubating Greater Prairie-Chickens (T.
2005), and it was less than the 83% reported for Greater Prairie-Chickens (Svedarsky 1988) and the 67% estimated for Sharp-tailed Grouse (T.
Interspecific nest parasitism has been reported for Greater Prairie-Chickens and Sharp-tailed Grouse (Leach 1994, Westemeier et al.
In Colorado and Minnesota, however, only 23 of 89 (26%; Schroeder 1991) and 7 of 18 (39%; Svedarsky 1988) Greater Prairie-Chickens nested closer to their lek of capture than to other leks, respectively.
Movement and lek visitation by female Greater Prairie-Chickens in relation to predictions of Bradbury's female preference hypothesis of lek evolution.
We found significant skew in male mating, similar to those reported for Greater Prairie-Chickens (Nooker and Sandercock 2008).
Phenotypic correlates and survival consequences of male mating success in lek-mating Greater Prairie-Chickens (Tympanuchus cupido).
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