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sometimes placed in subfamily Trilliaceae

(Greek mythology) the prince of Troy who abducted Helen from her husband Menelaus and provoked the Trojan War

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a town in northeastern Texas

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Having access to real-time data will arm DiRIF with the information to manage the road networks in the Greater Paris region more effectively, which in turn improves drivers' journeys.
Jean-Francois Hallepee, who heads a group representing local cattle farmers, said it had just conducted a survey in the greater Paris region and found "100 percent of slaughtering is halal".
This year, Greater Paris Investment Agency wanted major investors and businessmen in Dammam to be among the first to discover unique concrete investment opportunities in the French capital, in the frame of the Greater Paris Project.
In 2011, major investors and businessmen in Abu Dhabi will be among the first to discover unique investment opportunities in the French capital, offered through the Greater Paris Project, the minister hoped.
In addition to Mr Simon, the delegation includes: Greater Paris Investment Agency managing director Chiara Corazza, Bouygues Construction senior business development director Christian Dumond, Dynamic Group business development director Lorenzo Mercolini and Clifford Chance partner Mustapha Mourahib.
Sarkozy ordered Dati to give up her high-profile post as Justice Minister from June to take the unglamorous position of No 2 on his centre-right party's list for the greater Paris area in the European elections.
Great Yarmouth and Great Grimsby may be but where are Greater Newcastle, Greater Sheffield, Greater Liverpool, or even Greater Leeds and are there Greater Paris, Greater Rome, Greater or Bigger Bombay?
There were 80 motorcycles operating in September 2007 in the Greater Paris region, while today this figure has risen to 300.
More Than 170 New Trains for Greater Paris Suburban Network to Include
She had been certified as a registered nurse on May 28 and had been working as a substitute employee at various hospitals in the greater Paris area.
Your accommodation will be in a good standard greater Paris hotel on a bed and Continental breakfast basis.
Adding this exchange to our global network will improve our connectivity in the Greater Paris metro area and France.
Contract notice: 2015mapa044-legal representation of the society of greater paris.
Two nights' bed and continental breakfast in a three-star hotel in the Greater Paris area.
Lucibel, the LED lighting expert, was chosen from among a large number of companies in the greater Paris area to receive this trophy.
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