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Even at the founding of Greater Lebanon, the Maronites constituted a minority of the population.
Another interesting slant to Lebanon's confessional make-up which the author points out is the tacit, seemingly unlikely, alliance of Maronites, Druze and Shia, who make up 61 percent of the resident population in both my and Harris's calculations, and who are brought together on many issues by their "common position as sectarian minorities in the wider Sunni Arab environment, probably ensur[ing] the permanence of the Greater Lebanon created by the French to gratify [only, at the time] the Maronites" (p.
France and the Maronites of Mount Lebanon disagreed, and in 1920 France divided Syria, creating the new State of the Greater Lebanon, which later became the independent modern Lebanese state.
Summary: "I solemnly proclaim the state of Greater Lebanon and in the name of the French Republic; I recognize its sovereignty and extent from the Al-Kbir River to the borders of Palestine and the summits of the Anti-Lebanon mountains.
Imploring decision-makers at the advent of the Centenary of the establishment of Greater Lebanon, Rahi urged them to work for restoring a sense of balance and partnership to the country so that God's words germinate in a crop of general good for all, he concluded.
The Seven Villages lie just south of the present Lebanon-Israel 'border ' and remain a sensitive issue for Hezbollah since they were originally populated by Shia whose farms wereAa inside the French mandate of Greater Lebanon after World War I.
The airport is a tremendous asset to the Upper Valley," said Paul Boucher, president of the Greater Lebanon Chamber of Commerce, adding that he feared that its loss would be a blow to the area's economy.
Ironically, when France declared Greater Lebanon as a potentially viable state in 1920, its mandatory authorities organized education along particularistic confessional lines and ignored its national secular role.
The Akkar is indeed a border region, more closely tied to Syria in terms of geography and confessional make-up than to the adjacent heartland of Mount Lebanon immediately to the south, but it has not been the scene of frontier warfare at any time during the three quarters of a century it has been part of Greater Lebanon.
In the words of the Israeli historian, Itamar Rabinovich, quoted by Hiro: "the net effect of the creation of Greater Lebanon was Syrian irredentism and the disruption of the demographic balance in the new state, resulting in discord between the traditional Christian ethos, which underlay its creation, and the heterogeneous composition of its population.
Bergeron is the president of the Greater Lebanon Youth Hockey Association and serves as a volunteer coach for hockey, soccer and baseball.
The State of Greater Lebanon received a Constitution on May 23, 1926, which transformed it into the Lebanese Republic.
NNA - Prime Minister Tammam Salam said in a statement marking the 94th commemoration of announcing the State of Greater Lebanon "94 years have passed and the Lebanese entity remains steadfast despite the difficulties, the challenges and the major alterations in the region and the entire world.
Greater Lebanon is almost one century old, and the components of the Land of the Cedars have not yet managed to agree over a political system rejecting violence in all its forms.
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