Nazi Germany

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the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)


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It was no accident that, in recent years, many Austrians continued to support Kurt Waldheim as their president, even after it was disclosed that he conveniently forgot his World War II role as a Nazi officer thoroughly conversant with the murderous policies of the Greater German Reich in Southeastern Europe.
the innumerable struggles which finally led to the subjugation of the North American Continent as a whole;" that just as Roosevelt would reject German "interference in the internal affairs of the American continent" in the name of the "Monroe Doctrine" so "Germans support a similar doctrine for Europe--and above all, for the territory and the interests of the Greater German Reich," etc.
Latvian divisions of the Red Army were openly aiding the Nazis who promised them autonomy within some future Greater German Reich as a reward.
Secondly, the response of Austrians to the Reich's foreign policy was interesting in that they were the first community of Germans outside Germany's 1914 borders which the Nazi regime sought to integrate into the Greater German Reich that was to stand at the centre of a re-ordered Europe.
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