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large aggressive shark widespread in warm seas

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Authorities are reportedly monitoring seven great white sharks - believed to be between three to five meters in length - that are regularly stalking the notorious northern NSW coastline.
Lair of the Mega Shark" - with shark experts Andy Casagrande and Jeff Kerr and a 20 foot Great White shark in New Zealand.
The researchers' findings reveal previously unknown details of how great white sharks power themselves and stay buoyant on non-stop trips of more than 2,500 miles.
Now that multiple great white shark sightings - of animals that can tip the scales at over a ton - are confirmed, we get the warning, not to swim near seals
But Frankie Hobro, copartner in the Anglesey Sea Zoo, said she believed climate change could result in great white sharks lurking in Welsh waters.
They're the only dry land on Earth where one can observe great white sharks in their natural element, untouched by human influence.
30 /PRNewswire/ -- It's officially great white shark season in San Francisco.
Colin Jackson will come face to face with great white sharks in the latest TV reality show.
The individual titles comprising this truly outstanding and strongly recommended series includes Crocodiles (1575057263); Owls (1575057298); Great White Sharks (157-505731X); Killer Whales (157505728X); Lions (1575057-271); Polar Bears (1575-057301); and Wolves (1575057328).
White writes with style and humor about adventures most of us never will experience, such as diving with great white sharks in South Africa, tarpon fishing in the dark with night-vision goggles and catching a shark from a kayak.
You might not choose to swim with great white sharks off the South African coast, visit an active volcano in Ecuador, cope with huge bugs in the Congo, stalk a platypus (did you know the males are venomous?
AN expedition searching for Great White sharks in British waters was setting off today.
Very few Great White Sharks have ever been kept in captivity and none has survived very long.
As a spokesperson, Randy has appeared on National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, the BBC, and all the major US news networks, discussing the aquarium's work with great white sharks, sea otters, tunas and the exploration of the deep sea.