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a heavy coat worn over clothes in winter

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Byron went to great efforts to lose weight, such as playing cricket with seven waistcoats and a great coat on and going to steam rooms to sweat it off.
He's on good form and came back from Dubai with a great coat.
IT WAS the Christmas carol service and a bare-knuckled wind was grazing the iced water of the old docks, as I passed under the nobly-arched stones of the church - warmly fastened in the wool of the great coat that I had named the Anaesthetic many years ago because when you are in it you feel nothing.
Following warmth considerations, a great coat is expected to fit over all matter of clothing from a thin layer to a bulky knit sweater, and manage to look good with jeans or work wear.
True, it lacks the originality and character penetration of Britten's score for that other classic Melville tale of the sea, Billy Budd, but it has given Canada's foremost tenor another signature role, the monomaniacal Captain Ahab finding Ben Heppner in top vocal form for the assignment, despite having to sing the whole opera peg-legged, his left lower limb surreptitiously strapped up in a harness under his character's great coat.
I've worked on the street for a few years, and every year I'm approached by "good Christian people" telling me, "I've got a great coat for you; I'll give it to you on Jesus's birthday" I hope I survive till then.
Classic coats: Timeless silhouettes such as a trench coat or raglan- sleeved great coat in quality fabric and neutral colors will keep you warm for years.
Strangely enough, my father had found the volumes in an extraordinary junk yard, whose Irish owner used to push a handcart through the streets, with the collar of his great coat ever-raised, as his wellies skidded and skewed on the mud.
Instead, he hid in a smouldering building, wearing a powder blue French/ Moroccan great coat given to him in the camp.
On an esthetic level, a soldier crucified in his great coat and boots lacks the vulnerability of a naked figure.
Nor will they know how it felt to be an RAF signalsman who spent the whole time disguised in a great coat and wellies to avoid a beating from British soldiers who were convinced the RAF was not doing enough.
The blue coat, designed by Great Coat Fireman, is believed to be the coat that is worn on the back of the "Life With The Lions" cover.
A great coat must deliver not just on style but on warmth, longevity and versatility,says Paula Reed, author of Style Clinic.