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Theodore Bent was recruited on behalf of Cecil Rhodes as he was predisposed to interpret the recently discovered site of Great Zimbabwe as evidence of external colonisation--a useful analogue for Rhodes' own colonial plans.
Colonial versions often contested with nationalist accounts of history over, say, who built the Great Zimbabwe monuments (Garlake 1973).
The walls included were the Aborigine Wall Art, the Berlin Wall, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Cuzco, Peru, The Diego Rivera Murals, the Great Wall of China, the Great Zimbabwe, the Lascauz Cave, the Mahabalipuram's Animal Walls, the Muslim Walls, the Nelson Mandela's Prison Walls, Taos Pueblo, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Western Wall.
The second -- the Order of the Great Zimbabwe, was named after the Great Zimbabwe monument, the sublime architectural complex which stands today, near the south-central city of Masvingo, as the outcrop of the vibrant pre-colonial African civilisation that, at its height, developed trade and cultural ties with territories as far afield as India, Indonesia and China.
A Zimbabwean state-run newspaper mentioned that "the tourists can then top it all by flaunting their slim bodies on a sun-downer cruise on the Zambezi or surveying the majestic Great Zimbabwe ruins.
The kingdom was known by the same name as its capital, Great Zimbabwe (Houses of Stone), built on terraces with granite foundations on which monumental stone walls were erected.
Many of his statements have a universalizing character: thoughts on glyphic markings on earliest African rock art, on the wall patterning of Great Zimbabwe and on cattle-keepers' interests in ornamentation in eastern Africa.
Gullible foreign visitors to the ancient Great Zimbabwe citadel thought the `ghost' was the guardian of the monument, angry at their presence.
Tonight's first programme focuses on Great Zimbabwe, a spectacular city rising from the highlands of sub-Sarahan Africa.
He visited Victoria Falls and the Great Zimbabwe National Monument, which contains Africa's largest stone structure south of the pyramids; Portuguese tales link it with the Biblical Queen of Sheba.
In the last few months he has soaked up the country's culture by visiting Victoria Falls, venturing on a horseback safari, hiked in the Eastern Highlands and seen the ruins at Great Zimbabwe.
She built her summer palace on the Great Zimbabwe by the art of patience and endurance, cutting, carrying and laying one little rock after another.
Prior to African American Lives, Professor Gates's other PBS programs include Great Rail Journeys: From Great Zimbabwe to Kilimatinde (1996), Frontline: The Two Nations of Black America (1998), Leaving Cleaver (1999), Wonders of the African World (1999), and America Beyond the Color Line (2004).
The Masvingo Rural District Council (RDC) has authorized Great Zimbabwe Hydro Power to move ahead with the construction of $13.
These songs portrayed Zimbabwe positively, suggesting that God had favoured the nation, and in particular, Matavire described the popular tourist resorts, such as the Victoria Falls, the Great Zimbabwe, Matobo National Park (Matopos) and others as he conceded that he had no choice but to celebrate Zimbabwe, since it was natural for one to be proud of his/her identity.