magnum opus

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Synonyms for magnum opus

an outstanding and ingenious work

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a great work of art or literature

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They weren't known much before but after great work by them over the years whole nation knows them," he said while addressing the BSF jawans here.
The really great work defined itself by finding surprising ways to talk about age-old products and benefits
The speakers were fabulous--they kept to time (not an easy task) and, more importantly, applauded the consistently great work caregivers do.
As Jensen writes, "Employees everywhere--From discount stores to high-end knowledge workers--are seeking the same thing: Make it easier to do great work.
The main activity of the lesson involves students working in teams to pair a great work of art with a great work of literature.
This great work is appropriately "In memory of Martin Davies (1908-1975).
We would attribute it to good health, great intelligence, great work ethics, great enthusiasm, a little P.
Having carded that through, I set up a great work ethic for myself.
The iPhone application is a companion to Stephen Covey and Jennifer Colosimo's newly released book, Great Work, Great Career: How to Create Your Ultimate Job and Make an Extraordinary Contribution.
Speaking on the occasion, Mitali remembered legendry singer late Jagjit Singh for his great work.
We're looking to highlight the great work under way in the voluntary sector, throw the spotlight on local charity champions and encourage more people to put up their hand and pledge to help out.
I have been a volunteer for my entire life--my wife often says she wouldn't know me any other way--and this recognition is a true testament to the great work my team and I have been able to accomplish.
Thank you for the great work you are doing as editor of Catholic Insight.
Retiring the Atlantis in Palmdale will allow the hard-working folks at Plant 42 to finish the great work they started when Atlantis was first assembled.