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large American pelican

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A spokesman for the RSPB said: "The great white pelican originates from the Mediterranean and it may have been following its migratory instincts.
We saw all sorts of different birds like great White Pelicans, Falcons, Sparrow Hawks, Owls, Eagles and many more.
The trio of Great White Pelicans are a gift from the city of Prague and have spent two months in a special enclosure as they got used to their new surroundings.
Its newest additions include a pair of great white pelicans and a wallaby with a newborn joey in its pouch.
Over the last fortnight, I have learned about Great White Pelicans being exposed to West Nile virus in Africa.
Situated in Southern Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, the Mesopotamian Marshes were a thriving habitat that served as a breeding ground and sanctuary for millions of native and migrating birds passing through from Eurasia to Africa, including great white pelicans, Dead Sea sparrows, the endangered marbled teal and the rare Basra reed warblers, unique to the marshes.
Visitors to Birds of Prey Centre, near Kielder, were able to see and feed the pair of Great White Pelicans, a bird never before seen in the North East.