great white shark

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large aggressive shark widespread in warm seas

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Three long-swords clashed and sparkled in the moonlight, until the great white apes, roused from their slumbers, crept to the lowering windows of the dead city to view the bloody scene beneath them.
Pickwick's short experience of the accommodations of the Great White Horse had led him to expect.
From Dodson & Fogg's it flew off at a tangent, to the very centre of the history of the queer client; and then it came back to the Great White Horse at Ipswich, with sufficient clearness to convince Mr.
A great white shark was caught on camera breaching to get a taste of a leftover meat pie off New Zealand's Stewart Island on Saturday.
THIS week, Brit tourists in Majorca came face to face with an 8ft blue shark - while a leading expert claims a deadly great white is circling in UK waters off Hampshire.
GREAT white sharks may be among nature's top predators but that does not mean they have it all their own way.
M2 PHARMA-August 26, 2016-SchureMed Launches Great White Surgical Stirrup Product Line
We are used to seeing Little Egrets along the North Wales coast, with their black bills and legs, but the Great White is a less frequent visitor.
Peterson said he hooked and brought to the surface a great white shark off the coast of B andon on May 23.
A man named the Peacemaker saw a vision of a Great White Pine reaching into the sky.
UP to four great white sharks savaged a father of one to death yesterday.
Hundreds of people congregated on Brighton Beach in Perth to pay tribute to a surfer killed by a great white shark two weeks ago.
The massive predator of the ocean, the great white inspires wonder and fear.
Paper and packaging company International Paper said on Thursday that it has introduced its 100% recycled paper offering, called the Hammermill Great White 100, to North American customers.
EXPERTS are hunting for deadly great white sharks off Scotland's coast.
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