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Campaign to Safeguard America's Waters (CSAW), known for leading the fight to regulate the release of toxic municipal and industrial effluents, as well as cruise ship pollution, is charting a new course along two fronts protecting great whales and stopping the release of hormone disrupting chemicals from municipal sewage plants.
18) The unrelenting decline in great whales even came to the attention of the League of Nations because of the potential collapse of the whaling industry.
what we're doing, in a sense, is inventing the wheel," said Ryann Miller, fundraising innovation consultant at Toronto-based HJC New Media, which partnered with Green-peace to develop the online peer-to-peer fundraising aspect of The Great Whale Trail campaign.
Visitors to the beaches during the winter months are also treated to great whale watching during the majestic creatures' annual migration.
Using modern science and management systems, it effectively influenced the region's development; Hydro Quebec's plans to build the Great Whale Project in particular.
As I understand it, those creatures at immediate risk today are man's closest relative, the gorilla, the elephant, tiger and rhino, and not least the largest known wonder ever to grace the oceans of the world, the great whale.
Since the Great Whale project was expected to fulfill this additional demand, Hydro-Quebec plans to propose several scenarios, based on its untapped potential, that will take into account the government's new orientation and allow for pertinent comparisons.
The Crees have indicated that this trip to Washington is the first step in coordinating a broad based public campaign similar to the one used to stop the Great Whale Project.
These types of experiences left Russell in awe of the unique creatures, and inspired him to document this great whale species in Eye of the Whale.
Data from the buoys will be used to compile key information that may provide the key to the survival of this highly endangered, great whale species.
sell products from internationally protected great whale species - fin, sperm, sei, Brydes and minke whales are under legal protection from commercial hunting both by the 1986 commercial hunting ban enacted under the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW) and the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary where most of Japan's whale hunting occurs.
The International Whaling Commission has recognized that there is clear scientific evidence that in the Pacific Islands region many of the great whale species remain severely depleted in numbers, due to the impacts of past whaling.
Seven of the 13 great whale species are endangered and commercial hunting was outlawed in 1986.
The Company recently acquired the Great Whale Iron Mine (GWIM) property, a magnetite resource estimated by the Little Long Lac group in the 1960's at 942 MT, with 36% iron content.
The Great Whale Count on February 25 enlists citizen whale counters along Maui's shores.
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