Maundy Thursday

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the Thursday before Easter

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Yes, make no mistake, this was a marvellous achievement by Celtic and, on behalf of those of us who don't exactly collect a lot of air miles courtesy of European football, thanks for some great Thursday nights in front of the box.
The quintessential Los Angeles combo sounded simply great Thursday in the first demonstration of the Nokia's sound and video design, and even those in the farthest seats were able to appreciate all that was happening on the venue's big stage.
They weren't great Thursday night but good enough, with key baskets and free throws down the stretch by Maarty Leunen, and they weathered a now-rare off night by senior guard Aaron Brooks, who picked up two fouls early and managed just five points, on 1-of-8 from the field.
The other great Thursday ideas programme is Melvyn Bragg's In Our Time (R4,9am, repeated in an abridged version 9.
He then frantically tries to find the pounds 13,000 he needs to save his business in a great Thursday night episode, where he is forced to beg for help from the one person who hates him most of all .