Great Slave Lake

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a lake in the Northwest Territories in northwestern Canada

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Morphology and life history of the Great Slave Lake Ciscoes (Salmoniformes: Coregonidae).
A comparison of the Slave River flow into Great Slave Lake and the flow of the Mackenzie River at Strong Point below the lake demonstrates the lessening of short-term fluctuations in the latter hydrograph (Fig.
The western edge of their territory expanded to include the south-east side of Great Slave Lake, south up the Slave River to Fort Chipewyan, and up the Athabasca River to Forts Mackay and McMurray, and south to the Cold Lake area.
Franklin's 1821 expedition to map the Arctic coast west of the Coppermine River, for instance, would not have happened without massive HBC commitment that included free passage from London to York Factory for mountains of gear and for Franklin's men, followed by full logistical support for the overland journey to Fort Providence on Great Slave Lake, and then--perhaps most difficult of all for the HBC--partnering with the rival North West Company to ensure that Franklin reached the Arctic coast.
Another thing about these premier pike lakes, as well as Great Slave Lake and Kasba Lake in the Northwest Territories and Kesagami Lake in Northeastern Ontario, is that they're big--really big.
This region is dominated by the Mackenzie River drainage in the west and Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake in the east.
The Government of the Northwest Territories has a strategy to invest in expanding hydropower generation capacity and the transmission grid in the North to provide lower cost energy to consumers north of Great Slave Lake," said Bubar.
Mackenzie River: less than optimally accessible quartz-rich sandstone of the Proterozoic Katherine Group and the Cambrian Mount Clark Formation occurs along the Mackenzie River; and potentially accessible units are at Great Slave Lake (Proterozoic Preble, Kluziai, and Hornby Channel Formations and the Cambrian Old Fort Island Formation) (Levson and others, 2012).
On bodies of open water like Chip Lake west of Edmonton--so named because of the ample buffalo "chips" left by watering bison--and Great Slave Lake are host to many species of ducks during the migration.
Rare earths are where you find them, and for Avalon Rare Metals that has turned out to be near Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories.
Later this week, the Northern Inuit - or Eskimo as you politically incorrect call them - will be on hand to take me ice-fishing on the Great Slave Lake.
At the end of August the little yellow mosque's voyage began on the back of truck, winding through the vast prairies and woods of Western Canada toward Hay River on the shores of Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories.
We glide silently on the barely ruffled surface of a deep inlet of Great Slave Lake and guide the canoe behind a bare rock outcropping, the kind that earned this region the name "Canadian Shield.
He centred his work in the Great Slave Lake area and covered over 300,000 square kilometres by the time he was finished.
The PFS contemplates an existing brownfield site for the hydrometallurgical facility at the former Pine Point Mine, 85 kilometres east of Hay River, NWT on the south shore of Great Slave Lake, as its base case.