Great Slave Lake

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a lake in the Northwest Territories in northwestern Canada

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The three smaller flowers with rounded petals are more difficult to identify, but are commonly used in the Great Slave Lake Mackenzie River regional style beadwork, simply called "rosettes".
This cove on the north shore of the Great Slave Lake, just 300 miles from the Arctic Circle, is in the heart of the boreal forest, one of the last largely intact forest ecosystems in the world.
All concentrates will be loaded into bulk transport containers, hauled to the seasonal dock facility along the north shore of Great Slave Lake and barged during the summer to the Hydrometallurgical Plant located approximately eight kilometres from the south shore of Great Slave Lake.
Born in Hay River and of Cree-Metis descent, his family was the biggest commercial fishing operator on Great Slave Lake.
Adventurer travelers on Intrepid's Canada Dog Sled Adventure will: -- Dogsled across Canada's breathtaking Northwest Territories, pulled by 15 to 20 dogs -- Travel on historic trappers' trails over snow and sea ice -- Spend nights in an igloo -- Visit an Anglican Cathedral and several galleries displaying and selling traditional Inuit crafts -- Explore the lakes to the north of the Great Slave Lake
And so begins an 800-kilometre canoe journey from the east arm of Great Slave Lake, following a traditional aboriginal route into caribou migratory lands, then paddling north on the Thelon River to the site of Hornby's grave.
Lake Managua is to Nicaragua as Great Slave Lake is to what?
This fault is parallel to the shore of Great Slave Lake which has been interpreted as a continental rift and may represent a conduit for the Caribou Lake Gabbro and Blachford Lake Intrusive Complex.
It began in the fall of 2001, when the international team sent 165 tons of gear by barge from Great Slave Lake, just north of Alberta in the Northwest Territories, down the Mackenzie River.
Great Slave Lake is fed chiefly by the Slave River, which combines the waters of the Peace and Athabasca systems.
As the confrontation was an increasing embarrassment to the Nixon Administration, the Feds closed in to quell the uprising, but Banks escaped the dragnet, running away to a reservation at Yellowknife on the Great Slave Lake in northwestern Canada.
John Uniacke Bayly, who served as chancellor of the diocese of the Arctic from 1993 to 2000, died of a heart attack in February while dog sledding on Great Slave Lake.
From Fort Nelson in northern British Columbia to Rocky Mountain House in central Alberta to the vast Tintina Trench region in the southern Yukon and over east to Yellowknife on Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories, the landscape is under siege.
Although leaching through fractures into Great Slave Lake is minimal at this time, without containment it could become worse, Kuyek says.