Great Sandy Desert

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a desert region in northwestern Australia to the north of the Gibson Desert

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Western Australia [three: Great Sandy Desert, Gibson Desert, Great Victoria Desert]
Originating from the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia, home to some of the most successful artists of the Aboriginal art movement, Kwilla's works, which depict the artist's ancestral lands, are made from earth and a variety of traditional local ochres and natural pigments.
The walled meteor crater, a mile wide and some 160 feet deep, sits on the northeastern edge of the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia.
Winning schemes are spread over a remarkable range of locations, from the remote Great Sandy Desert in Australia to a Copenhagen beach and a Thai forest.
The Great Sandy Desert is in which Australian state?
Christine Watson's Piercing the Ground: Balgo women's image making and relationship to country is an introductory account to the vibrant Aboriginal an of Kutjungka women from the Balgo area in the Great Sandy Desert in Australia, and a comprehensive reference to their iconography.
Considered to be among the most biologically rich and diverse desert eco- regions in the world, the Chihuahuan Desert is often compared to the Great Sandy Desert of Australia or the Namib-Karoo in southern Africa.
Thomas Sykes, 35, from London, got into difficulties as he drove along a gravel track through the Great Sandy Desert in remote Western Australia.
He was close to an Aborigine camp when found unconscious by trackers in Western Australia's vast Great Sandy Desert.
His rescue comes after another British tourist died when his car got stuck in Western Australia's Great Sandy Desert, police said yesterday.
NA BRITISH tourist died after his car got stuck in Western Australia's Great Sandy Desert.
A BRITISH tourist has died after his car got stuck in Western Australia's Great Sandy Desert.
Kintyre is located in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia, approximately 270km north-east of Newman and 90km south of Telfer, on the south-west margin of the Great Sandy Desert.
The Desert receives solar irradiance per square meter than anywhere else in the world, including the African Sahara, the Arabian Desert, and Australia s Great Sandy Desert.
A Grammar of Wangkajunga: A language of the Great Sandy Desert of north Western Australia