Great Sandy Desert

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a desert region in northwestern Australia to the north of the Gibson Desert

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Other regulars of the Hobart Rendezvous are Sextant, Great Sandy, Fare Thee Well, Taratibu and Malohi.
Known on cartographic charts as Lake Gregory, it is the only co-ordinated drainage system that flows from the east Kimberley into the expansive linear dune fields of the Great Sandy Desert.
I've watched hundreds of impala bounding away from lions on the savannah of Botswanan Africa, and flocks of white corellas roosting at dusk in copses of gum trees at the edge of the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia, and I have had no doubt in those moments that, with patience and tutoring, I would learn to distinguish one animal from another.
Anyway, it was my first time experiencing live baseball with names like Frank Robinson, Vada Pinson, Duke Snider, Wally Moon, Charlie Neal and the great Sandy Koufax--even though he didn't pitch that day.
In 1999 Alaskan fire fighter Robert Bogucki ventured into the outback of the Great Sandy Desert to "make peace with God," and after getting lost survived by drinking river water and eating plants and flowers.
SONGS of the late and great Sandy Denny are being given an all-star treatment in Coventry next week.
Under a star speckled sky the animals of the Great Sandy Desert appear to be trying to hide from the dingo who is walking towards them licking his lips how will it turn out when the dingo confronts the animals?
We would also like to see the inclusion of the full range of fossilised dinosaur trackways; Mimbi Caves; Ningbing Ranges; Paruku wetland system; and the wetlands of the Northern Great Sandy Desert; 80 Mile Beach; and Walankarr (Edgar Ranges).
The Lake Mackay Regional Project Area lies on the eastern side of the Great Sandy Desert, has little outcrop and comprises sandy cover including sand dunes.
He said he owed a debt of gratitude to Scully and former Dodgers pitching great Sandy Koufax, who was among nearly 50 Hall of Famers sitting behind him on the outdoor stage.
True Stories: Contact in the Outback (Tuesday, More 4, 10pm) is more sober viewing but it's the true story of how, in 1964, scientists sent into Australia's Great Sandy Desert found a community of Aboriginals living traditionally with no contact with the outside world.
Present in both the Great Sandy Desert and the Tanami Desert, their population is about 400 and their language is Kukatja.
Balgo Hills is a small Indigenous community on the outskirts of the Great Sandy Desert and the Tanami Desert of northeast Western Australia.
map from National Geographic, for example, marks the southeast corner of Oregon as "The Great Sandy Desert," a name that appeared on 19th century maps when the region was little known, but it's a name virtually unused today.