Great Salt Lake

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a shallow body of salt water in northwestern Utah

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In the exchange agreement, Great Salt Lake Minerals receives leases on 37,000 acres with high mineral concentrations on sections of the remote northwest arm of the lake adjacent to the company's current evaporation ponds and leases, and relinquishes undeveloped leases it has held since 1967 on approximately 30,000 acres with lower mineral concentrations.
Also featured is Lakeside, home of the infamous $60 million giant water pumps designed to keep the Great Salt Lake from flooding, finished just in time for the start of a long drought.
In the second transaction, IMC Global sold its SOP business line to Great Salt Lakes Minerals Corp.
In his travels of Utah's wild places, Stegner saw stands of cottonwood trees protecting the lush setting near the old Fielding Garr ranch on the island's southern end and called the area ``the only oasis on the Great Salt Lake.
In nearby Brigham City, the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge covers approximately 75,000 acres and is home to the largest freshwater component of the Great Salt Lake ecosystem.
Funding and support was provided by the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Program, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.
Every day, airfield experts use sound, nets, cages, diversion techniques and other methods to keep birds away from the runways--a difficult task with the Great Salt Lake ecosystem next door.
Out on the Great Salt Lake itself, I'd rediscover, that is the place for me.
1 Oil Line in Box Elder County impacted wetlands adjacent to Willard Bay, a reservoir connected to the Great Salt Lake.
A new tapeworm, Mesocestoides carnivoricolus, from carnivores of the Great Salt Lake Desert region of Utah.
1) Windermere 2) Lake Garda 3) Great Salt Lake CALL 0900 586 4613 and follow instructions (61p/ min).
One of the tropical lakes appears to be about half the size of Utah's Great Salt Lake, with a depth of at least 3 feet (1 meter).
CLIENT: Great Salt Lake Minerals Company, Overland Park, KS--Dave Furbeck
It is considered the third largest salt water lake on earth, slightly bigger at its normal size than the Great Salt Lake in Utah.
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