Great Revolt

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a widespread rebellion in 1381 against poll taxes and other inequities that oppressed the poorer people of England

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The chronological and institutional grids finally intersect in Mendels' brief accounts of the Great Revolt and the Bar Kokhba rebellion.
What happened these past days in Bolivia was a great revolt by those who have been oppressed for more than 500 years.
The al-Aqsa Intifada therefore resembles not only the intifada of 1987 , but the Great Revolt in 1936.
Sipping my bitter coffee, I browse through the yellowing pages of a book about the great revolt and the siege of Cuzco by Manco Inca, the brave young prince who was the son of Mama Runtu and Huayna Capac, twelfth monarch in the royal line that began with the founding of that great empire.
Never was factionalism among the Jews more intense than during the great revolt against Rome, which began in 66 G.
1381: The Great Revolt was triggered by a shilling poll tax.
Among officers there is great revolt and resentment against the deception and dishonesty involved .
It is Masada National Park, near the western edges of the Dead Sea, where, during the great revolt of Israel against Rome in the first century A.
A lone piper played a lament for the fallen as Scots remembered the heroes of their last great revolt yesterday.
The elder Roumi migrated to Lebanon in 1936, the year that Palestine's Great Revolt against the British Mandate commenced.
The half shekel coin was first minted during the Great Revolt against the Romans.
I have just spent a few days in Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama, in order to better understand the parallels between the epic movement for civil rights in the United States that peaked half a century ago and the two great revolts that define the Arab world today -- the Palestinian people's resistance against Israeli racism and colonialism, and Arab citizen uprisings against their oppressive governments.
It remains impossible to tell whether the Berber tribes were already Islamized, let alone Ibadi, in the great revolts of the 740s.