Great Pyrenees

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bred of large heavy-coated white dogs resembling the Newfoundland

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My Pyrenean Mastiff female Atena had just produced a whopping 16-puppy litter out of my Great Pyrenees male, Peso.
Gardner says she violated the law when she allegedly sold a 15-week-old border collie on April 25 with a gagging cough that was diagnosed with kennel cough shortly after purchase; sold an Aussie-Husky mix on May 6 with nasal discharge; and sold a Great Pyrenees puppy on July 4 that was coughing when purchased and was diagnosed with fleas, diarrhea and moist cough shortly after purchase.
Andelt (1999) reported that ratings of the effectiveness of guarding dogs by producers using one breed of dog in Colorado did not differ among breeds, but producers that used multiple breeds rated Akbash more effective than Great Pyrenees and Komondors.
Joannie, a Great Pyrenees, came to the rescue group unable to eat due to a medical condition that required a rare and very risky operation.
Our second guardian is Sadie, a Great Pyrenees, that we rescued from a sad plight.
SAN DIEGO, May 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Meet Luke Robinson, who lost his Great Pyrenees dog Malcolm due to cancer in 2006.
Watching the band pass was Tatanka, a huge long-coated Akita dog, and Hondo, a large, but not as large, white great Pyrenees dog, both owned by Terry and Pete Martin of Ashburnham.
Over 1000 dogs and puppies are rescued each year by Gentle Giants Rescue including Great Danes, Borzoi, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhounds, Scottish Deerhounds, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands and others.
Canines ranging in size from little pugs to great Pyrenees sheep dogs gamboled around, seemingly in dog heaven with all the attention.
Among the least registered breeds in Omaha are the Portuguese Water Dog, Tibetan Terrier and Great Pyrenees.
For many years I kept registered French Alpine milk oats and along with this endeavor, I acquired a Great Pyrenees livestock guard dog.
With her at DPW Day will be Emma, a 11-month old Newfoundland puppy; Falkor, a 6-month old Great Pyrenees puppy; and a special visit from Sara, whom some residents may remember from last year's event.
In the second ad Steve is pictured with his two Great Pyrenees dogs and says, "Our war on drugs is the most costly and failed policy in U.
At left, Dotty Sisco brought her Great Pyrenees named Wiz to help out in the Canine Good Citizen training.
Great Pyrenees Judah and Zeus would also accompany Ms.