Great Pyrenees

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bred of large heavy-coated white dogs resembling the Newfoundland

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The Great Pyrenees may be the most well-known livestock guardian dog in the United States.
1997) Successful treatment of uterine torsion and fetal retention in a postparturient Great Pyrenees bitch with septic peritonitis and prothrombotic complications.
It is said that some breeds such as pure bred miniature Pomeranians and Great Pyrenees have a shiny topcoat that may get ruined by grooming and may never grow back properly - for these dogs, I'd recommend regular brushing with a rake-type wire brush to remove as much of the undercoat as possible, which will help them keep cool.
A horse, a couple of herding dogs and a couple of guard dogs--often Great Pyrenees or Akbash--provide help.
My husband and I have been taking our 3-year-old Great Pyrenees rescue dog, Teddy, to see children in a hospital for a few months now.
Watching the band pass was Tatanka, a huge long-coated Akita dog, and Hondo, a large, but not as large, white great Pyrenees dog, both owned by Terry and Pete Martin of Ashburnham.
Two llamas and three Great Pyrenees dogs live on the farm and keep the alpaca safe from foxes, coyotes, and mountain lions.
Dog lovers don't just get a general dog calendar, for example, but breed-specific choices, such as 2007 GREAT PYRENEES (1421607255, $13.
Add to this possible romance a group of quirky characters like: Veronica, the control freak show's producer who, it turns out, could give Martha Stewart a run for her homemaker money and is a "fourth-generation lesbian" (143); Lillian, the show's septuagenarian, hard-of-hearing, call-screener; Hilton's lesbian roommates, Jessie the "irresponsible" one who is looking for her future; and Liz the grad student who is dating a woman who carries around a teddy bear named Amelia Bearhart; and Shannon, Hilton's Great Pyrenees dog, who accompanies her everywhere and is remarkably clear at expressing her opinions.
The current band of therapy dogs ranges from a tiny Maltese weighing in at just a few pounds, to a burly 140-pound Great Pyrenees.
The most common breeds used for guarding livestock in the United States are Great Pyrenees, Akbash, and Komondor, whereas Anatolian, Kuvasz, Maremma, and Shar Planinetz are less common (Green and Woodruff 1988; Andelt and Hopper 2000).
Ranchers running sheep used to hold off the coyotes with M-80 poison-gas canisters that exploded at muzzle touch, but these are now illegal, and the alternatives are either trapping, which is a difficult and time-consuming job, or getting Great Pyrenees dogs to guard the flock.
We now rely on Rupert, our 110-pound Great Pyrenees youngster with a fairly constant desire to play and work, to keep us all from getting too lazy.