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an important or influential (and often overbearing) person

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Eysenck, Fuller Torrey, and other such recent demystifiers of the great panjandrum had never existed.
Paxman and the nabobs of the BBC - most, if not all, "personal friends" of the Great Panjandrum - have abased themselves before the Prince of Darkness.
Still, looking on the bright side, there would have been no shortage of eminently qualified candidates to say grace before dinner as the great panjandrums of Birmingham's civic and spiritual life sat down for a feast of mutual backslapping in the Victorian splendour of the Council House banqueting hall.
The big cheeses and the great panjandrums, their chauffeur-driven cars forsaken for the night, had to queue to get something they wanted - just like the rest of us do almost every day of our lives.
Koppel's show objectively is or is not "relevant" is secondary, at best, to that of whether or not he has been treated with the sort of respect owed to one of the great panjandrums of the journalistic "profession.
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