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great nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia Minor

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Yet, projecting an idealized and universal, beneficent Great Mother Goddess back to the beginning of time and seeing all ancient and later goddesses as faces of 'Her'--when they were sometimes not benevolent nor necessarily symbols of women's social power--merely represents a 'feminist fundamentalism' (Ruether 2005: 307), the corollary of which is a 'totalizing image' of the ubiquity of patriarchy (Eller 2000: 183).
SPENCER - The Dancing Gypsy and The Gypsy's Cauldron present "The Voyage of the Black Madonna" with Alessandra Belloni; a musical journey to the ancient sacred sites of the Great Mother Goddess from 8-10 p.
This is the path of the great mother goddess, destroying mountains and creating civilizations.
These cave sanctuaries, figurines, burials, and rites all seem to have been related to a belief that the same source from which human life springs is also the source of all vegetable and animal life--the great Mother Goddess or Giver of All we still find in later periods of Western civilization.
In fact, the Great Mother Goddess may have been worshipped for nearly 40,000 years.