Abraham Lincoln

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16th President of the United States

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Washington and the cherry tree, the Great Emancipator, the "demigods" of seventy-six, all these mythic examples must be put before the masses, to inspire them with awe and the desire to do great deeds for the nation.
The Real Lincoln contains irrefutable evidence that a more appropriate title for Abraham Lincoln is not the Great Emancipator, but the Great Centralizer.
Finding refuge in the shade of the Great Emancipator, I decided that the fun quotient for my afternoon escape was sorely lacking, and sought professional assistance.
ELLIOT Katz fancies himself the Abraham Lincoln of the animal kingdom, the great emancipator of all critters winged, webbed, scaled or furry.
the Great Emancipator conveyed the thought in a speech delivered to Congress on July 4, 1861.
A few minutes ago, the Great Emancipator was smirking cynically while swearing to Illinois voters that he'd never, ever support interracial interbreeding.
Adams, who bears a striking resemblance to Honest Abe, has been doing the Lincoln's Birthday presentation in Unnerstall's class for eight years, since she decided he resembled the Great Emancipator.
The great emancipator, of course, is digital technology.
Abraham Lincoln is the great emancipator and Ronald Reagon the geat communicator.
By repetition and bald assertion, Steel manages to credit this library research for a good portion of the Kennedy appeal to black voters, saying that "because of his Lincoln-like funeral ceremonies, many black people came to believe that in some way he had, like the Great Emancipator, died for them and because of them.
Messaging is the great emancipator for the new era of personal communicators," said Gordon Bridge, president of AT&T EasyLink Services.
Regardless, the Negro Holocaust plays subtextually here, both because our subject is the later Great Emancipator (surfacing frequently in Ford's work), and that Fonda's personal liberalism came, in part, from witnessing a black lynching as a boy.
It's possible that without him, there would be no Great Emancipator.
That cryptic remark about treating the deranged was the last comment from the Great Emancipator that Dr.
Blinded by his reverence for the Great Emancipator, he is oblivious to the germ of a second, important book lurking within his volume, a book that could be titled Worshipping Lincoln.
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