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the Elector of Brandenburg who rebuilt his domain after its destruction during the Thirty Years' War (1620-1688)

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Citino analyzes in chronological order the wars of the Great Elector and Frederick II, the Napoleonic wars, the Franco-Prussian War, and both world wars.
He begins with a paean to the Great Elector, praising him for the Edict of Potsdam and other progressive acts, and especially for the son who would crown himself king in 1701, from whom Rusch traces his own lineage.
1) While this article illustrates how Beger's achievements and rise within society resulted from the patronage of four different princes, Karl Ludwig (1617-80), and Karl II (1651-85), Electors of the Pfalz, and the Great Elector (1620-88) and his son, Friedrich III of Brandenburg (1657-1713), I also highlight the pressures that were brought to bear on a servant of princes at this time.
For example, after he introduces the formative characters of Brandenburg, the Great Elector enters the stage.
His analysis, however, begins with the age of Frederick William I, the Great Elector, and proceeds through the practices of Frederick the Great, the Napoleonic Wars, and the Wars of German Unification, before concluding with the 20th-century and German practices in both world wars.
looks in detail at operations of the Prussian, and later the German, army from the first major campaign of the Great Elector, Frederick William, in 1678-79 to the crushing defeat in front of Moscow in 1941.
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