Great Divide

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that part of the continental divide formed by the Rocky Mountains in the United States

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It denitely will sound different to Great Divide but will sound like our band, like every record has.
For example, Great Divide buys malt from Colorado farmers, buys its glass bottles from a Colorado company, hires a Colorado designer to design its labels.
It represents another technical innovation being applied to bitumen recovery initiatives at our Great Divide oil sands operations in northeastern Alberta.
Caption(s): The Great Divide team, from left: Tyesha Freeman, Elena Carey, Heather Cryan and Patrick Zay.
So, while I agree to Gorman's premise that public funds should come with public accountability, I know from experience that there is a great divide between what voucher supporters should do and what they will do.
Jim True dabbles with the great divide when he experiences an out-of- body episode - which then starts to happen again more and more.
Lewis's The Great Divorce, which discusses the great divide between good and evil, Heaven and Hell.
There's no ready explanation for this great divide among galaxies, says Alex S.
I was disturbed by your findings on race ("The Great Divide," 2/5/01).
A simple story about a little girl who sets out to buy a goldfish on the afternoon of Persian New Year's Eve, it's also an allegory about the great divide of gender in Iranian society and the way that women and girls negotiate public spaces, which are almost exclusively controlled by men.
Otherwise, "I fear if we keep going, more and more areas of our government are going to fall into the Great Divide and be engulfed in a culture war.
S Lewis' novella The Great Divorce begins with the charming idea that every day a bus crosses the great divide from hell to heaven.
Department of Commerce report that generated heavy news coverage when it was released in July 1999 (See "Across the Great Divide," Newspoints, March 2000).
Spatt; the photo of Miranda Coney and Albert David of The Australian Ballet on page 4 should have been credited to James McFarlane; the reviewer of Kim Epifano: The Great Divide on page 114 was San Francisco Bay Area dance critic Rita Felciano.
com), as part of the company's documentary series - The Great Divide - which tells the stories of how individual small business owners are using the Internet to find new customers today.