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a fictitious detective in stories by A


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The answer is a great detective novel: sharp, immensely readable, warm-hearted but cool-headed, with a solution worthy of the immaculately plotted Harry Potter series" (USA Today).
With the possibility of two more Sherlock Holmes big-screen sequels starring Robert Downey Jr as the Great Detective, the BBC's third series with Benedict Cumberbatch scheduled for later this year, and CBS's American hit Elementary going into a second series, the appetite for Holmes has never been greater.
Behind every great detective there is a trusty sidekick.
John Watson, usually provided the only human warmth and compassion in the adventures of Conan Doyle's great detective.
In this first novel in a new series we see the beginnings of the great detective.
The great detective, who has survived so much, can certainly shrug off a few special effects.
The name of the Great Detective remains, of necessity, an abiding mystery.
On the surface, Enigma is a great detective story for younger readers.
Here she's transported to the era of Agatha Christie, playing a young heiress who tells the great detective Hercule Poirot she thinks she's killed her former nanny.
Conan Doyle would be proud that his great detective lives on.
opens with a shot of Keaton reading a book on how to be a great detective.
Yet, of all the injustices done to literature by the wide--and small--screen, none has suffered more than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's great detective, Sherlock Holmes.
Through great detective work, they narrowed it down, and their original beliefs were true that the wife was involved.
He tells of great detective work in piecing together obscure biographical detail, and of puzzling and frustrating failures.
No, like Sherlock Holmes the scientist is the great detective pursuing "the answer.