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a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles

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Great Britain's women won seven golds, beating their previous best of five in 1908.
The impact of Great Britain's abolishment of slavery in the West Indies on August 1, 1834, is significant to the freedom-questing black psyche, and in Chapter 2, "Maturation, 1834-1862," Kachun argues that this event marks a major shift in African American cultures when the freedom festival, by 1850, becomes institutionalized, and thereby creates a bond between the black middle class and its illiterate counterpart.
Indeed, Furedi of Great Britain's BPAS asserts that staff support is "the absolute single main driver" explaining different levels of mifepristone use across providers.
Schmoller wrote that "the high standard of living of the English worker would be unthinkable without Great Britain's sea power," and that Germany should follow her example by building a strong navy.
In another surprise for the queen's subjects, her staff announced that Great Britain's flag will fly at half-staff over Buckingham Palace for the funeral.
Ordnance Survey is Great Britain's national mapping agency and is responsible for creating and updating the master map of the entire country.
St Helens coach Daniel Anderson has criticised the get togethers, but Sharp believes they are crucial to Great Britain's prospects in the Tri-Nations Series.
For further information please contact the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain's Public Relations Unit +44(0)20-7572-2335/6
Great Britain's rowers and sprint relay teams returned from the Olympics with huge credit after superb gold-medal wins.
Innovation has been pivotal to Diageo Great Britain's growth and there is a strong track record of success in this area over the last few years including Smirnoff Ice, Archers Aqua, Smirnoff Black Ice and Baileys Minis.
OTCBB:ECOC) announces that elected officials at the highest level of Great Britain's Conservative Party have initiated talks expressing interest in eCom's method of political fund raising.
The initial lottery product is expected to be Great Britain's first Pick 3 game called, "The Daily Number.
Great Britain's leading reseller of notebook computers, as an addition to 24STORE's "24IT" business segment.
PCL is one of Great Britain's top computer service companies, with over 20 years of experience in providing quality information technology solutions geared to the needs of its clients.
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