Great Britain

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a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles

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The GREAT Britain Debate is organised by the British High Commission in partnership with Chevening scholarships India.
1977: AUSTRALIA 13 GREAT BRITAIN 12 Hosts Australia went into the final as hot favourites after gaining a 19-5 win over Great Britain a week earlier in Brisbane, but the Lions, inspired by captain Roger Millward, managed to dominate possession throughout the game and it took a last-minute try from John Kolc, playing his only international for Australia, to secure the cup in front of 24,457 fans at the Sydney Cricket Ground.
The Great Britain team was disbanded in 2007 after a 3-0 series whitewash of New Zealand, ahead of the 2008 World Cup, with England taking their place in the Four Nations Series which now appears to have been discarded.
It's just the tradition of it, the tours that go back so many years and the history that is associated with Great Britain tours and the camaraderie that it brings together," Powell said.
It is fantastic Deerness tumblers are continuing to be picked to represent Great Britain at international level.
Plus, you will also get a Union flag supporter's air horn, so you can blast Great Britain to victory
99 HOW TO CLAIM: To claim your free Great Britain Supporter's Kit visit www.
The Great Britain women's team will compete with New Zealand, Cameroon and Brazil in Group E.
SO, once again the ugly face of a Great Britain team in the Olympics raises its ugly head.
In his other letter of June 23 regarding the four home nations forming a Great Britain in the Olympic football tournament, I would totally disagree.
WOULD-BE jewellery designers are being given the opportunity to create the unique design which will crown the head of Miss Great Britain 2010 at the final in November.
Synopsis: Americans rate Great Britain (36%) just ahead of Canada (29%) when asked to choose which country is the most valuable U.
Great Britain enjoyed its most successful Olympics at Beijing since London first hosted the Games in 1908.
Any kind of medal here would be a first for a American team, and the men have a decent shot at bronze if it can get past a bunch of rowdy Scottish guys (think Groundskeeper Willy with a broom) who happen to be representing Great Britain.
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