Great Bear

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a constellation outside the zodiac that rotates around the North Star

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The Plough forms what are the tail and body of a great bear in the sky, with legs, a head and a nose as well.
Great Bear began operations in 2012 by drilling two stratigraphic test wells along the Dalton Highway, nearly twenty miles south of Pump Station One of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.
On Deeside, commercial property group Legat Owen has helped secure deals to bring Ralawise and Great Bear into new facilities.
They share secrets, tell jokes, take naps and gaze at the stars--especially The Great Bear constellation.
Scientists captured images just 11 hours after the explosion in an outer spiral arm of the Pinwheel Galaxy, in the Great Bear constellation.
This particular one is in the Pinwheel Galaxy in the constellation of the Great Bear and has been given the rather clunky name of PTF11kly.
The Sea Wolves: Living Wild in the Great Bear Rainforest
OTCQX: OTCM), the financial information and technology services company that provides the world's largest electronic marketplace for broker-dealers to trade unlisted stocks, today announced that Great Bear Resources Ltd (TSX.
An ice cream parlor selling the premium ice cream is scheduled to open May 27 at the Great Bear Hall, which is adjacent to Camp Putt Adventure Golf Park at 4006 Franklin Blvd.
In Great Bear Wilderness--Brookfield Zoo's newest exhibit and home to grizzly bears, polar bears, and bison--we're challenging the assumption that food interpretation is relevant only as it relates to crickets or the price of a hot dog.
The Salmon Bears: Giants of the Great Bear Rainforest
In WLL services a total of 2,608,120 were recorded in March this year with 1,209,098 subscribers of PTCL, NTC had 12,164, World Call 577,480, TeleCard 569,743, Great Bear 65,740, Wateen 147,905, My-Tel 138, and Link Direct 25,852 users.
The first edition was published in 1993 as The Great Bear Almanac.
These include wood from Nova Scotia's Bluenose II schooner, copper from the Library of Parliament roof, a piece of four-billion-year-old Acasta gneiss rock from Great Bear Lake, and more.
Busch's The Grizzly Almanac: A Fully Illustrated Natural And Cultural History Of America's Great Bear (1592283209, $19.