Great Attractor

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a massive grouping of galaxies in the direction of Centaurus and Hydra whose gravitational attraction is believed to cause deviations in the paths of other galaxies

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The Great Attractor region is a large flat bottom gravitational valley with a sphere of attraction that extends across the Laniakea Supercluster.
To further our understanding of the Great Attractor (GA), Dr Woudt and Prof Kraan-Korteweg have been involved in a deep near-infrared survey (with the IRSF in Sutherland) of the Norma Wall of galaxies; a highly obscured large-scale structure central to the Great Attractor, running nearly parallel to the Galactic plane.
Additional work on the Great Attractor includes a near-infrared Tully-Fisher study of all galaxies detected in HI in the southern ZOA.
But an astronomer now says that a key assumption used in calculating the velocities of elliptical galaxies in the Great Attractor study may harbor a fatal flaw.
In assuming that ellipticals only have old stars, the Great Attractor team may have consistently underestimated the true distances to these galaxies and overestimated their motion, he says.
named that mass the Great Attractor (SN: 4/4/91, p.
The gold-headed fly is a great attractor and by letting it fish deep it will catch the grayling especially when there is frost about.
Prof Kraan-Korteweg and Dr Woudt jointly published a popular article on the Great Attractor in the South African Journal Quest.
Astronomers reported they had defined and confirmed the existence of the Great Attractor, a concentration of mass that significantly alters the rate at which the Milky Way and its galactic neighbors spread apart as the universe expands (137:60).
Some researchers attribute such deviations to a localized concentration of mass, dubbed the Great Attractor (SN: 1/27/90, p.
Known as the Great Attractor, the concentration of mass significantly alters the rate of which these galaxies spread apart as the universe expands.
They seem part of a large-scale flow toward a distant, vast region of space dubbed the Great Attractor.
In their season, flies like the Daddy longlegs and Coch y Bonddu are great attractors and it is sheer magic to see a huge fish gulp your fly followed by a struggle when you think you're holding a tiger by its tail.
Tony was an expert in mapping and understanding the distribution of galaxies in the Local Universe; from Voids to Great Attractors.
They introduce a cosmological constant to show how matter in an expanding universe dominated by cold dark matter could lead to the formation of great walls, great attractors and other huge aggregations of galaxies.