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The 13-million-year-old creature, whose fossil remains were unearthed in Spain, is thought to be the oldest known common ancestor of modern great apes.
agency said developments in infrastructure posed a threat to the survival of the main great ape species such as gorilla, chimpanzee, pygmy chimpanzee, and orangutan.
No country has granted great apes anything near the kinds of rights sought by Steven Wise or the Great Ape Project.
The view that humans are not great apes and are separate from the animal kingdom had its origin in prescientific and religious thinking.
Great Apes is a novel about psychology in which the characters are turned inside out, all the raw innards and secret hypocrisies revealed, bald motives and base desires on the outside for all to see.
The bottom line is that the great apes are so much like us that there is no logical reason not to treat them as "persons"--at least to the same degree as children and mentally impaired human adults.
Earthpark, North America's unique 240-acre environmental center, in partnership with Great Ape Trust, will establish a field station in this park to research and promote reforestation and conservation of great apes.
Research shows that happiness is associated with longer life in humans and in at least one species of great apes, so it's possible that the apes that don't conform to the U-shape are just dying off sooner, leaving the contented apes to represent the elderly population.
Department of Agriculture (USDA), and research facilities have failed in their legal duty to protect captive great apes by not preventing foreseeable trauma of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other psychological injuries.
This means the species is genetically closer to the common ancestor from which all the great apes are presumed to have originated, some 14 to 16 million years ago.
GORILLAS in central Africa are in danger of extinction from illegal logging, mining and hunters who kill great apes for meat, a joint report from the United Nations and Interpol said.
Depending on how it is counted, the DNA of the great apes is 95 percent to 98.
They join humans, great apes and dolphins in the elite group of super-smart creatures.
Colonisation of the island triggered a catastrophic 100- fold collapse in the population of its native great apes.
The whole ethos that Peter has about CG characters is that you can't expect the other actors to make decisions for a very important character and do generalized reactions,'' says Serkis, who observed the behavior of great apes at zoos in his native England and the famous mountain gorillas in the wilds of Rwanda for the assignment.