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Great apes jabbered at them and menaced them; but Tarzan answered them after their own kind, giving back taunt for taunt, insult for insult, challenge for challenge.
Tarzan pricked up his ears when he heard the voice of a great ape and, circling quickly until he was down wind from the trap, he sniffed at the air in search of the scent spoor of the prisoner.
He could imagine their terror when they awoke and found the dead body of their comrade fast in the cage where they had left the great ape safely secured but a few minutes before.
Tar means white," replied Tarzan, "and Mangani, great ape.
These two sequences, which branch off alone in the RV2 genogroup, independently of all other Old World monkey viral strains, may represent the prototype strains of a great apes lineage similar to that found in the RV1 genogroup.
There are now fewer than 30,000 of these great apes in the world, and it is likely they will become extinct in the wild in as little as 20 years if the decline continues, according to WWF.
The Great Ape Project, founded in 1993 "to include the nonhuman great apes within the community of equals," giving them fundamental protections of life, liberty and bodily integrity, has won its first great victory in New Zealand, which in 1999 banned most experimentation on "non-human hominids.
The commercial trade in bushmeat presents an immediate and rapidly growing threat to Africa's great apes and other wildlife.
Mining, hunting, deforestation and human encroachment all risk the lives of these great apes.
The ravens displayed an ability to imagine a future outcome once thought to be the preserve of humans and great apes, said the scientists.
The conservation community should collaborate more closely than ever with oil palm developers if a global sustainable strategy is to be achieved and great apes and their fragile ecosystems are to be saved, according to a United Nations report released this week.
com)-- Arcus Foundation and Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) are pleased to announce this year's Great Apes Giving Day, a global day of giving in support of 34 qualified sanctuaries and rescue centers that provide rehabilitation and long-term care for great apes and gibbons throughout Africa, Asia, and North America.
Rocky's calls might answer the argument about whether or not spoken language stemmed from early human ancestors as previously it was thought that great apes could not learn to produce new sounds and, because speech is a learned behaviour, could not have originated from them.
They will provide invaluable data for our research to better understand how we can help prevent the onset of cardiac problems and their diagnostic capabilities will undoubtedly help to save the lives of great apes.
DAKAR, Senegal, Dhu-AlQa'dah 18, 1436, September 02, 2015, SPA -- An alliance to save great apes says authorities have arrested Guinea's former wildlife director for allegedly playing a key role in trafficking chimpanzees and other endangered wildlife, according to AP.