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someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles

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After Luca is hired on by Dino as another grease monkey, he catches the eye of the timid Angelo, boyfriend of Lana's sister, Rita (Etta Murfitt).
Stand up Ben Elton with his Grease-style tale of grease monkeys, rock 'n' roll excess and tight trousers.
First he came to Birmingham to film the offbeat BBC3 drama Grease Monkeys, which begins a second series on Sunday.
My character in Grease Monkeys is nothing like Danny or me, I hope.
I grew it when I left and it's pretty big in Grease Monkeys, but I had to crop it again for A Thing Called Love.
Basically a group of working-class, garage grease monkeys (although you would never guess it from theirmiddle-class accents) set off in a London bus for an adventure on the continent arriving finally in Greece.
What real satisfaction can a team derive from picking up places and points because their group of (if you'll forgive the phrase) glorified grease monkeys were marginally more adroit than the other lot's?
But steadily, over time, I began to watch the races on television, every weekend, with my husband at my side explaining what I was looking at, and my resolve to hate this sport - smelly, smoky tires and grimy grease monkeys and the idiocy of men in souped-up gasoline guzzlers going around and around the same stretch of asphalt - broke down.
Californian snapper David Perry has been photographing low brow drag-strip groupies and girlie grease monkeys for more than a decade.
Grease Monkeys is a different departure for Panjabi and for Asian culture, however, and centres on the Grand Trunk Garage in Manchester, owned by patriarch Mo (Marc Zuber).
A lot of British-Asian films are still looking like a Goodness Gracious Me joke - stereotypes - whereas Grease Monkeys is extreme.
With Grease Monkeys filmed at BBC Birmingham's Pebble Mill, Panjabi is another visitor to the city who has become a convert.
GREASE Monkeys, a new TV series for BBC Choice, is turning into a rather lively affair, I hear.
Billed as the `Ultimate Elvis Tribute Night', Eric will be supported by Alan Gosling and the Grease Monkeys.
surreal collection of stories', the majority of Grease Monkeys was filmed in the car park at BBC Birmingham's Pebble Mill studios - even though the action is set in Manchester.