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Synonyms for ranch

farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle)

manage or run a ranch

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end of the growing season in our study) when making decisions about adaptive grazing management.
Twenty-five rotational grazing and 25 continuous grazing sites were sampled for the grazing management component.
One item in Intensive Grazing Management illustrates that paddock size is subject to the Laws of Diminishing Returns as can be seen in the accompanying table.
As a result of this shared research and knowledge almost 96 per cent of BWBL members have changed practices on their farms to become more productive, mostly around grazing management, animal nutrition and reproductive performance.
The integration of herbicides to control invasive plants, proper grazing management, controlled burns to remove plant debris build-up and revegetating degraded sites with native plants all can lead to rejuvenated rangeland ecosystems," says Dr.
Nick said: "The control of Nematodirus can be strongly linked to grazing management and we are using the Flock Health Plan to construct a safer grazing regime for the lambs.
Grazing management is a key element in this balance.
Employees were recognized for reclamation techniques that limit soil erosion and for working with ranchers to create a comprehensive grazing management plan for more than 3,300 acres of range.
Called Better Fertility and Grazing Management, independent agronomist Bryan Evans will talk about grass quality and management and vet Phil Alcock will tell how farmers can maximise their cow fertility.
Research by Butterfly Conservation has already shown that existing agri-environment schemes are helping many specialist grassland butterflies by restoring grazing management, and it is hoped the new scheme will do the same for more species across the landscape.
Some of our land also lies within a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and as part of our agreement we'll be introducing strict grazing management to help restore and protect species-rich grassland.
Pwllpeiran, near Aberystwyth, was commissioned by the former agriculture ministry to study stocking rates and grazing management on semi-natural vegetation.
The research and development centre near Aberystwyth was commissioned by Maff - now Defra - at the beginning of the 1990s to do a study of stocking rates and grazing management on semi-natural vegetation.
The estate has improved grazing management to allow rare and threatened vegetation to recover, re-instated heather and restored drystone walls.