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Synonyms for ranch

farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle)

manage or run a ranch

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In the two agricultural years that were evaluated in this study, 2012/2013 and 2013/2014, there was no interaction of grazing management X doses of N X inoculation with PH, FEH, and SD, requiring the further elucidation of the individual effects of each treatment (Table 1).
Resolving these tradeoffs appears critical to attaining consistent, annual suppression of invasive weeds via grazing management.
Such variation suggests that the effects of grazing management on soil nutrient dynamics should consider local conditions and be extrapolated with caution.
Volga also experienced an increase in native warm season grass cover over time with fire and simulated grazing management but little bluestem and sideoats grama were dominant.
Grazing management is also an important control measure.
facilities that might be appropriate for intensive grazing management in
Plant interspaces resulting from contrasting grazing management in northern mixed-grass prairie: implications for ecosystem function.
However, grazing management plans should include economic and biological considerations.
My priorities will be to re-establish a flock here with good grazing management to retain this natural environment around us.
Grazing management principally affects the grazing timing and length of grazing sessions which livestock require to meet their nutritional requirements for production (Holmes, 1989; Newman, 1994; Taweel et al.
The pilot programme, which started in 2010 involved 21 pilot areas across the Kunene, Omusati, Oshana, Oshikoto, Ohangwena and Kavango regions were the livestock owners and herders were instructed in age-old sustainable grazing management systems.
It provides opportunities for many of its members to expand their ranching enterprises, not only by having access to more grassland but also by sharing operating costs, such as herd grazing management expenses.
They will cover condition scoring, vaccinations, grazing management and the use of teasers, sponges, Regulin and raddles.
Concurrently, sustainable grazing management through optimized stocking rates and supplemental nutrient additions has been shown to increase biomass production, sequester carbon, conserve biodiversity and increase the resilience of the grassland ecosystem, thereby contributing to the adaptation of livestock production systems to climate change (Conant et al.
Coverage includes the why, how, and what of organic certification, soil as the foundation of health, crop production and grazing management, livestock, marketing, record keeping, economics of organic dairy farming, and the nutritional qualities of grass-fed ruminants and poultry.