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Gray whale migration peaks January (southbound) and March (return)
Systematic shore-based censuses of the southbound gray whale migration began in 1967 at Yankee Point (lat.
With the gray whale migration heading down the California coast, the American Cetacean Society is looking for volunteers to help with its annual whale census.
At Point Reyes National Seashore, WestStart-CALSTART is assisting the park in evaluating options for the winter shuttle system used by visitors to view the annual gray whale migration along the California coastline.
March) thousands of visitors come to San Diego to take advantage of the natural wonder of witnessing the California Gray Whale migration.
25-mile pier in the midst of the gray whale migration path, and bring large tankers into the region on a regular basis.
Gray whale migrations along the coast of California allow for breathtaking sights all along the coast, and a van rental is the perfect way to travel along Pacific Coast Highway to watch them on their journey.