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an unofficial market in which goods are bought and sold at prices lower than the official price set by a regulatory agency

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The flushing out of illegals will also help in controlling the gray economy," he said.
The gray economy ballooned in the 1990s when economic reforms eroded the Socialist-influenced, centralized economy in favor of the private sector.
2 Expand the scope of applications for the purpose of combating the gray economy
As regards the weaknesses, the report says the gray economy, the unemployment and the rising public debt remain to be challenges.
homelessness, gray economy and social exclusion with the ultimate consequence and impact on the whole spolecnost.
Reasons for the positive deviation in Montenegro for revenues during the first five months of this year are the realization of a package of fiscal adjustment, adopted late last year, and the activities that the authorities implement the plan combating the gray economy.
Montenegro held the fourth session of the Commission to combat the gray economy, which was chaired by Dr Radoje A1/2ugiA Minister of Finance in the Government of Montenegro and the coordinator of the Commission.
Thus, Bulgaria's gray economy is estimated to be 32.
The additional revenues have been logged without an increase of the excise tax, which means that either the number of smokers and smoking have increased or the gray economy and the black market have shrunk, according to the Customs.
If we have to choose between gray economy and no economy, Bulgaria is definitely better off having gray economy," Minister Traicho Traikov told the morning broadcast of bTV channel on Wednesday.
Experts from AIC recommend the cabinet eliminates immediately its debt to the business and applying the idea of the European Commission for unified tax base in the European Union, which will lower corporate tax in Bulgaria, as ways to counter the gray economy.
Amounts exceeding BGN 15 000 must be paid only through bank transfers, the MPs decided in a bid to prevent VAT frauds and unregulated salary payments in the gray economy.
The measure has been deemed by some of the GERB MPs as ineffective as far as restricting the gray economy goes.
The main argument was that this measure could VAT frauds and unregulated salary payments in the gray economy.
Dorosiev believes that the growth shows the Bulgarian market of second-hand cars has indicated that it is increasingly getting out of the gray economy, and offers the customers good-quality second hand vehicles.