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an intermediate area


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Occasionally, however, there is considerable overlap of histologic and phenotypic features with cHL-NS, resulting in so-called mediastinal gray zone lymphoma.
If he needs $50,000 a year, however, he falls into the Gray Zone.
Simsek said they were planning to sign similar tax agreements with other countries who emerged out of the gray zone like Switzerland and Austria.
He examines the social and political logics and processes that organized the wave of lootings, locating them in what he calls "the gray zone of state power.
We tested the value of the gray zone approach to the diagnosis of heart failure in dyspneic patients by use of a brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) [4] assay.
But there are types of mail that fall into a gray zone between the two categories, such as direct mail, which accounts for about 25% of overall mail service at present.
For each intervention, patients were categorized as "ideal" (clear candidates for the intervention), "eligible" (a gray zone where the intervention was possibly indicated), or "ineligible" (there was an absolute contraindication to the intervention).
But it's not a secret ballot,'' the White House official added, ``and so we're in a gray zone in which impeachment could pass.
The exciting therapeutic advances of the last few years would have remained in a gray zone," said Dr.
And among consensus and community builders, there are few rights or wrongs, merely the vast gray zone of belief systems.
Washington, Oct 28 ( ANI ): While most of the employees usually live in a gray zone of sorts between work and leisure, a new poll has revealed that workers who tend to relax on the weekends are plugged in to work because of the email alerts and social media constantly vying for attention.
Melanoma has challenged pathologists for decades with a histological gray zone, and has become the most litigated area within the cancer-diagnostic arena.
The scholars of literature who contribute here, like the authors they examine, left their native countries in the gray zone separating and linking Europe and Asia.
The method, moreover, shows nonspecific precipitation (up to 15%), necessitating use of a gray zone.
Despite your survey results, I refuse to believe that the majority of American CEOs would agree with your assertion that "everyone involved in business realizes there are many practices that fall into the gray zone.