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an intermediate area


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Unconventional Warfare in the Gray Zone," Joint Force Quarterly 80 (1st Quarter 2016).
Because time is fleeting, and our adversaries are ahead of us--maybe even making investments in asymmetrical methods and capabilities of warfare to apply against us everywhere where we are not--what we need most today is strategic patience and deliberateness, turned toward our considerations and understandings, eventually even toward our actions, to counter the gray zone and all things now gray to us regarding the future of war and peace.
Leaders in this educational forum will discuss the complexities of operating in gray zone conflicts, as well as provide their perspectives on SOF's role in the emerging international security environment.
Paradoxes of the Gray Zone, Foreign Policy Research Institute, February 2016; http://www.
The gray zone approach [6], [9], [11]-[13] was used to determine a range of cPDE for which no conclusion may be drawn concerning hemodilution response.
While identifying gray zone patients is critical to their long term care, discharging a patient from the emergency department (ED) due to a false negative diagnosis can have consequences just as dire.
Her book Joint Ventures: Inside America's Almost Legal Marijuana Industry (Wiley) is nevertheless a strikingly sympathetic account of the businesses springing up in the gray zone created by medical marijuana laws.
PSA level of 4-10 ng/ml is a diagnostic gray zone and greater than10 ng/ml strongly sug-gests prostate cancer.
In such situations, Roth assures us, "behavior could not be neatly analyzed in terms of right and wrong," (15) and about those members of perhaps the harshest of the gray zone situations, he writes that traditions of philosophical ethics are of little relevance "for judging those who were conscripted into the Sonderkommando, let alone for determining what those hapless men should do, condemned as they were to a fate of choiceless choices, before they too were murdered.
Otar assigns all of his mature clients to one of three color-coded zones--the Green Zone, Gray Zone or Red Zone.
Simsek said there used to be restrictions in Luxembourg until recently, noting that in compliance with the decisions taken in the G-20 meetings in Pittsburgh, Luxembourg agreed to exchange financial information on records, carrying the country out of the gray zone.
Routine Politics and Violence in Argentina: The Gray Zone of State Power
of Dusseldorf, Germany), is a branch of nanoscience that deals with the electronic transport properties of solid state nanostructures; as the name implies, phenomenon related to it must be sought in the gray zone between microscopic and macroscopic realms.
The upper bound of the gray zone is defined by the value of the test associated with the minimal positive likelihood ratio (LR+) that allows ruling in the diagnostic hypothesis, and the lower bound by the maximal negative likelihood ratio (LR-) that allows ruling out the diagnostic hypothesis (Fig.
There is a gray zone where you are not hypertensive but your blood pressure is not normal.