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a wolf with a brindled grey coat living in forested northern regions of North America

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has kept close watch on the recovery of gray wolves, which he rightly understands are an integral part of a natural, healthy ecosystem.
Gray wolves were added to the Endangered Species List in 1975 after being wiped out across the contiguous 48 states by government-sponsored trapping and poisoning programs.
Fish and Wildlife Service that would completely remove endangered species protections for all gray wolves in the lower 48 states.
BEIRUT: A chilly night at Jamhour was warmed up by a 20-14 victory for Jamhour over the Gray Wolves in a match watched by some 150 supporters late Monday in the Lebanese Rugby Union League.
The groups point to the use of the killed wolf's likeness as symbolic of the agency's mishandling of the reintroduction program for Mexican gray wolves across the American Southwest.
Blaire Van Valkenburgh of the University of California, Los Angeles and her colleagues conducted a genetic study of living gray wolves and also samples of mitochondrial DNA recovered from wolf bones found in Alaskan permafrost.
Beirut paid the penalty for relaxing when the Gray Wolves scored a converted try, bringing the score at halftime to 12-7.
The proposed federal delisting of Midwestern gray wolves from the ESA
Grab your binoculars: Gray wolves are back in abundance in Yellowstone National Park.
Although the four gray wolves in residence were born and raised in captivity, they are not tame and observers can clearly see them act out their natural hierarchy.
Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) On April 1, a steadily growing gray wolf population in the western Great Lakes states and a highly successful reintroduction program in the northern Rocky Mountains prompted us to change the status of gray wolves in these areas from endangered to the less serious category of threatened under the ESA.
Funded by an informal education grant from the National Science Foundation, Wolfquest takes players into the complex world of gray wolves, where they must learn to survive alone and in a pack.
15, 2002), you state that gray wolves "may also, on occasion, attack people and their pets.
Biologists from the Service have examined new findings from the National Park Service that relate to the effects of winter recreation activities on gray wolves at Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota.
Ted Turner plans to breed endangered Mexican gray wolves on a ranch he owns outside Truth Or Consequences, N.