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antihistamine and antiemetic (trade name Dramamine) used to treat motion sickness

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For example, a medication used to reduce the symptoms of motion sickness is available under the brand name Gravol in Canada, and Dramamine in the United States.
The estimated cost of one case at private healthcare ranged from US$ 1 to 155 Activities by AGE patients Approximate cost (TT$) Medical visit 120-500 Medication cost (overall) 430 ORS 10 Antibiotic 40 Gravol 6 (200-injection form) IV 85/bag Pain killer 9 (200-injection form) Stool test (overall) 280 Culture 150 Parasites 70 Blood 60 Lost work (based on average three days lost income) Low 375/3 days/AGE case Middle 875/3 days/AGE High 1,375/3 days/AGE Caregiver 80/day/AGE case
2% Gravol (antiemetic) in public/private system * Percentage of cases taking Population study 1/84x100=1.
ST LOUIS PRECISION CASTING CO, 10922 Gravols Industrial Ct, St Louis MO 63128.