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a field of force surrounding a body of finite mass

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In the case of a nontrivial gravity field, we allow the possibility that no such mapping may exist.
Estimation of magnitude of the correction due to changes in the gravity field, from here on called the gravimetric correction, is based on gravity data acquired in a case study.
GOCO, Consortium: The combined satellite-only global gravity field model GOCO02S; European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011, Wien, 04.
Global gravity field recovery from satellite-to-satellite tracking data with the acceleration approach.
Love [3] extended the work of Bromwich investigated the influence of gravity on superfacial waves and showed that the Rayleigh wave velocity is affected by the gravity field.
The geoid is defined as an equipotential surface of the Earth's gravity field, (generally) inside the topographic masses on land and more or less coinciding with the mean sea level at sea.
The GOCE (Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer) mission is dedicated to measuring the Earth's gravity field and modelling the planet's geoid, essentially a gravitational contour map, with extremely high accuracy and spatial resolution.
It also allows scientists to map the Earth's radiation budget to assess its impacts on climate and weather, and to assess Earth's gravity field to evaluate its role in ocean circulation and climate.
The salt flat's highs and lows roughly correspond to peaks and troughs in the local gravity field, says Borsa.
Separated by 137 miles, the satellites measure changes in Earth's gravity field caused by regional changes in the planet's mass, including ice sheets, oceans and water stored in the soil and in underground aquifers.
The first, an orbiter called Sancho, will orbit the target asteroid, measuring its position, shape, mass and gravity field over several months.
When the spaceship approaches a planet, a certain sound (acoustic metaphor) that corresponds to the strength of the gravity field is generated with escalating volume.
But NASA flight controllers in Houston devise a way to use the moon's gravity field to bring the spacecraft back to Earth.
We present our results in units of mg cm-a torque normalized to the Earth's gravity field (the actual torque is in units of mg X g cm, where g is the loc al acceleration due to gravity).