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Synonyms for gravimeter

a measuring instrument for determining the specific gravity of a liquid or solid

a measuring instrument for measuring variations in the gravitational field of the earth

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2011, Sensitivity of superconducting gravimeters in central Europe on variations in regional river and drainage basins.
An overall good agreement between modelled and observed gravity changes was found both in absolute and superconducting gravimeters measurement.
Processing of results included correction due to height of the instrument over measured point and corrections of the Sun and the Moon influence on the gravimeter readings.
Absolute gravimeters (AGs) and superconducting gravimeters (SGs) can detect thin effects caused by mass changes in the Earth's interior, in the hydrosphere and atmosphere as well as the height changes caused by the geodynamic processes.
1998) reported modal peaks of seismic hum recorded by a superconducting gravimeter at Syowa Station, Antarctica.
Comparing the results obtained using the ZZG and FG-5 gravimeters it can be concluded that the maximum discrepancies between the determinations reach up to 20[micro]Gal.
Calibration results of different type spring gravimeters from the repeated measurements of Estonian calibration lines.
It was based on the determinations of absolute gravity values with a JILAg-5 gravimeter in 1995 as well as relative gravity connections with LCR (LaCoste&Romberg) G-type spring gravimeters.
In the run up to July's eclipse, Chinese researchers have prepared eight gravimeters and two pendulums spread across six monitoring sites.
In the run up to Julys eclipse, Chinese researchers have prepared eight gravimeters and two pendulums spread across six monitoring sites.
Practical computations take advantage of accurate measurements for geopotential numbers provided by differential gravimeters, and traditionally the mean gravity has been approximated using a simplified linear model.
Following this, advances included the (a-stable) relative spring gravimeters, free-fall measurements made by dropping macroscopic objects and using the methods of geometrical optics to sense motion, and finally, free-fall measurements made using optical interferometry.
Observations of gravitational acceleration with La Coste & Romberg (G model) and Scintrex CG-3M Autograv gravimeters have been carried out since 1992 (Barlik, Cacon, 2001).
The survey was accomplished with four spring gravimeters, three LaCoste & Romberg and a digital Scintrex gravimeter.
Indeed, some laboratory devices, such as interferometers and gravimeters, have already begun to incorporate the new technology (SN: 8/8/98, p.