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Synonyms for gravimeter

a measuring instrument for determining the specific gravity of a liquid or solid

a measuring instrument for measuring variations in the gravitational field of the earth

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1998) reported modal peaks of seismic hum recorded by a superconducting gravimeter at Syowa Station, Antarctica.
Comparing the results obtained using the ZZG and FG-5 gravimeters it can be concluded that the maximum discrepancies between the determinations reach up to 20[micro]Gal.
Calibration results of different type spring gravimeters from the repeated measurements of Estonian calibration lines.
It was based on the determinations of absolute gravity values with a JILAg-5 gravimeter in 1995 as well as relative gravity connections with LCR (LaCoste&Romberg) G-type spring gravimeters.
The first of these quantities is now days a solved problem since the gravimeters are capable to offer high accuracy in gravity differences.
Figure 11 shows the first of the laser interferometric absolute gravimeters, which was developed as part of the Ph.
Observations of gravitational acceleration with La Coste & Romberg (G model) and Scintrex CG-3M Autograv gravimeters have been carried out since 1992 (Barlik, Cacon, 2001).
The survey was accomplished with four spring gravimeters, three LaCoste & Romberg and a digital Scintrex gravimeter.
Indeed, some laboratory devices, such as interferometers and gravimeters, have already begun to incorporate the new technology (SN: 8/8/98, p.
Current gravimeters have been used in the air with some success in defining features with a scale of 10 km or greater, but the next generation of airborne gravity instruments will be gradiometers targeting features 200 to 500 m beneath the ground surface with density contrasts about 300 kg/m3 and smaller than 1 km across.
Flights administered by Naval Research Laboratory Scientific Development Squadron One (VXS-1) were flown using NP-3D Orion turboprop aircraft specially equipped with a suite of unique state of the art remote sensing technology that included dual gravimeters, scalar and vector magnetometers, a digital photogrammetric camera, hyperspectral imager and an L-band polarimetric synthetic aperture radar.
Land gravimetric measurements on Polish territory were made over the period 1957-1979 using Askania, Sharpe, Scintrex, Sodin and Worden gravimeters.
The payload is related to hydrography and oceanography and consists primarily of - Various pollsters,- Gravimeters,- Current meters,- Inertial units,- An implementation of the core barrel,- A salinometer- A velocimeter.
3 and invar rods with bar code scales Wild GPCL3, Zeiss LD13, Zeiss LD11 and gravimeters Scintrex CG-3 and CG-5 were used for measurements.
The FG5 is a new generation of absolute ballistic gravimeters based on a technology developed for forty years by Dr.