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Synonyms for gravimeter

a measuring instrument for determining the specific gravity of a liquid or solid

a measuring instrument for measuring variations in the gravitational field of the earth

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Calibration results of different type spring gravimeters from the repeated measurements of Estonian calibration lines.
Gravity data were acquired using a LaCoste& Romberg model G (LCR G-65) relative spring gravimeter (Fig.
It was based on the determinations of absolute gravity values with a JILAg-5 gravimeter in 1995 as well as relative gravity connections with LCR (LaCoste&Romberg) G-type spring gravimeters.
To improve the observation database, several LCR gravimeters were acquired by the ELB.
Figure 11 shows the first of the laser interferometric absolute gravimeters, which was developed as part of the Ph.
The first half of the Churchill data points were made using JILAg absolute gravimeters [17-19].
3 and invar rods with bar code scales Wild GPCL3, Zeiss LD13, Zeiss LD11 and gravimeters Scintrex CG-3 and CG-5 were used for measurements.
Contract notice: Acquisition of three relative gravimeters superconductors.
Research interests: Estonian gravity field modelling, LaCoste & Romberg gravimeters.
These datasets spanned 10 instruments, including lidars, radars, sounders, gravimeters, mappers, and cameras, as well as atmospheric measurements and aircraft positioning data.
Scintrex technologies include gravimeters, magnetometers, induced polarization, resistivity radiometrics and borehole logging as well as high-resolution cesium magnetic instruments.
The Seventh International Comparison of Absolute Gravimeters ICAG-2005 at the Bipm, Harita Dergisi 18: 382-387.
Scintrex is a leading supplier of gravimeters with a long tradition of excellence in North America and Europe.
Micro-g Solutions is a Colorado-based geophysical instrument company and the world's only commercial manufacturer of absolute gravimeters for the geophysical research community and the oil and gas industry.
This crystal was periodically checked against a 10 MHz rubidium standard, available as a part of a gravimeter system and tuned to within [10.