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exophthalmos occurring in association with goiter

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The association of aCL antibodies with Graves disease was first noted more than a decade ago.
Like graves disease, myasthenia gravis is, these days, not as grave is it sounds.
A Graves disease is an auto immune disorder that affects the thyroid gland, causing it to produce too many hormones.
Up-regulation of Th1-inducing cytokines has been found in association with painless thyroiditis, an active phase of Hashimoto thyroiditis; and Th2 up-regulation has been found in Graves disease.
Key Words: Graves disease, hypothyroidism, antithyroid drugs, thyroid antibodies, thyroiditis.
In this report we present a case in whom hyperthroidism was found and Graves disease and papillary thyroid carcinoma were diagnosed while being investigated with a preliminary diagnosis of sarcoidosis.
5) In contrast, Graves disease following external irradiation is not well recognized and is extremely rare, having a reported incidence of 2% when manifested as hyperthyroidism and 0.
In Graves disease, autoantibodies activate thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) (4) receptor, leading to hyperthyroidism caused by increases in intracellular cAMP and thyroid hormone.
We describe a patient with idiopathic autoimmune hypoparathyroidism who developed hyperthyroidism due to Graves disease and subsequently was diagnosed with celiac disease.
Devers still is coping with Graves disease, trying to find a medication that won't make her queasy but still will keep her thyroid disorder in check.
In March 1996 the company acquired the exclusive marketing rights to Eli Lilly and Company's anti-thyroid product, Tapazole(R), which is for the treatment of Graves Disease.
In recent studies, the rate of thyroid malignancy in Graves Disease (GD) was shown to be between 8 and 17% in North America, whereas the risk of thyroid cancer is about 5% in all thyroid nodules regardless of their size (4-6).
The National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry guidelines recommend use of serum thyrotropin (TSH) receptor antibody (TRAb) analysis to distinguish between Graves disease and other thyroid diseases, such as subacute or postpartum thyroiditis and toxic nodular goiter (1, 2).