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a person who earns a living by digging graves

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You could screen gravedigging, LIVE, but it wouldn't be worth watching.
The strike was settled rather quickly after our gravedigging exploits.
The Unison, T&G and GMB unions did vow, however, to ensure that old folk's homes and other essential services such as gravedigging were run as normal.
So what happened in the final climactic year of 1989 when the seesaw of exit and voice suddenly turned into a joint gravedigging act?
East Durham College will be putting on a course in gravedigging in the New Year after a shortage of people coming forward for the job was reported in the county.
Laertes returns to France with a condom in his suitcase, Polonius is shot rather than stabbed and the gravedigging scene involves safety cones and a high visibility tabard.
I actually got into the gravedigging about 11 years ago when my wife, Liz, came home and said she had a new job for me, digging graves, and I thought 'no chance' but a funeral director wanted to see me about it.
However, applicants must look good in black and dig deep in order to get the job done - because the posts are in gravedigging.
Unable to have a proper relationship with his psychiatrist father (Ian Holm), Largeman hangs out with gravedigging old friend Mark (Peter Sarsgaard) and epileptic new love Sam (Natalie Portman).
It even considers issue such as whether the service offers alternatives to coffins, whether they control the emissions from their crematorium and the kind of techniques used for gravedigging.
COUNCIL workers have threatened a national shutdown of public services from rubbish collection to gravedigging in a row over pay.