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a person who earns a living by digging graves

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He claimed blundering council gravediggers damaged his mother's coffin at Witton Cemetery, in Birmingham, when they were excavating his father's grave last year with a mechanical digger instead of shovels.
I was warned "he loves blondes", and to this day he swears by a few pints of Guinness and the craic on a Saturday night in the GraveDiggers.
AFORMER gravedigger who is fighting to secure an inquiry following his sacking is bidding to become a councillor.
Categories at the Good Funeral Guide Awards in September include Embalmer of the Year, Gravedigger of the Year and Best Alternative To A Hearse.
At another funeral just last week, Jimmy noticed four gravediggers walking around the cemetery with a coffin.
Three gravediggers and a manager at the Burr Oak Cemetery are accused of unearthing hundreds of corpses and dumping some in a nearby cemetery or double-stacking others in graves.
In the course of their daily work, gravediggers will have working contact with a number of funeral and cemetery staff including crematorium technicians, cemetery inspectors and superintendents, council officials and general gardening staff.
And the pair will be nicknamed first and second gravediggers by Whitehall chiefs.
After 12 months as The Phantom 5 they made a conscious decision to change their direction and the beat sound of the old band had become R'n'B in this new unit they called Sam Spade and the Gravediggers.
Gravediggers and forensic experts today began the grim task of exhuming the body of Rachel Whitear as part of a new attempt to establish how she died.
Rubio said there had been some good-natured grumbling from people worried about their livelihood, like gravediggers, florists, funeral parlor owners and the local priest.
The funeral of an 11-year-old Kosovo Albanian shot dead while cutting wood near his home was delayed when seven gravediggers came under fire.
Gravediggers made the tragic discovery when they opened the cemetery in the early morning.
SUPPORTERS of two sacked gravediggers were dealt a blow when a request for their arguments to be heard before councillors was rejected.
I heard there had been some sort of ongoing argument with the gravediggers.