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Synonyms for graverobber

someone who steals valuables from graves or crypts

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someone who takes bodies from graves and sells them for anatomical dissection

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For me, this grave robbing is like handing everything on a plate to our opponents.
I feel this whole episode has been a sorry case of grave robbing and I, for one, will not be watching any TV documentary on the subject.
It is embarrassing to be discovered in the act of grave robbing by the bereaved.
After prostitution, it is the oldest profession known to man," he declares, explaining that the tombs of the ancient Egyptians were raided hundreds of years before Western explorers turned up to do a bit of their own grave robbing.
Compulsory organ donation has the whiff of grave robbing about it.
AN ANIMAL rights fanatic jailed for his part in a vicious terror campaign that culminated in a grave robbing today said he was innocent and planned to appeal.
In his article, Mr Blair wrote: "The appalling details of the campaign of intimidation - which include grave robbing -show the depths to which the animal extremists are prepared to stoop.
An investigation began in early 1995 after a Chumash leader complained of grave robbing on the island, according to the National Park Service.
THE jailed ringleader of an extremist animal rights gang blamed for grave robbing is to appeal.
Anthony Glass QC said the grave robbing was "the most outrageous event of the campaign" against the Hall family, which also included protests outside their farm, a burglary in which 600 guinea pigs were freed and threats to family members, friends and employees.
1828: William Burke went on trial in Edinburgh, charged with grave robbing and murdering locals to sell their bodies for dissection.
He was charged with grave robbing and murdering locals to sell their bodies for dissection.
They took the stage with their schlocky best Slit My Wrist closely followed by Twist My Sister then a cheesy 80s style inter-song banter before Grave Robbing USA and Love At First Fright -which is uncannily reminiscent of The Misfits' Forbidden Zone.
Here, as played by Rosie Perez, in the adaptation of Barry Gifford's semi-sequel she's full-blown centre stage, a foul-mouthed hellion femme fatale without a moral scruple to her fibre who pairs off with Romeo Dolorosa (Javier Bardem), a bandito whose hobbies number grave robbing, blood-drinking, and voodoo.
As Millvina joined members of the Titanic Historical Society in Belfast yesterday on a tour of Harland & Wolff where the ship was built, she accused the salvagers of grave robbing.