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Synonyms for headstone

Synonyms for headstone

the central building block at the top of an arch or vault

a stone that is used to mark a grave

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DUDLEY -- A 57-year-old Webster man found with about two dozen veterans' grave markers taken from St.
The medallion, depicting a three-dimensional folded flag surrounded by a laurel wreath with the veteran's branch of service beneath, comes in three dimensions designed to fit on various-sized headstones, grave markers and columbarium or mausoleum niche covers.
The intention is to remove those grave markers that have been identified as untended and of no historic or architectural interest.
Southwest of the coastal town of Larache on the cliffs above the Atlantic Ocean sits this impossible-to-miss Spanish-Christian cemetery filled entirely with white sun-washed grave markers.
The first thing that hits you is the sight of thousands upon thousands of grave markers.
Several boulders at the west end of the feature supported the grave marker, and the level ground surface was covered with a thin mat of vegetation (Fig.
Her keen observations of nature, people, and a crumbling grave marker demonstrate how writers find inspiration for their stories everywhere.
Recently, when her health began to fail, she declared that on her death she wanted no memorial service and no grave marker, a directive fully in keeping with her long-standing belief in the exemplary character of the role and identity of the contemporary artist.
The military record includes names, dates of birth and death, dates of military service, service branch and military rank, cemetery information, and grave marker location.
But now, says Jones, "Cattails are the grave marker of a dying ecosystem.
IN response to a letter from Jim Devlin of Buckinghamshire regarding the lack of a grave marker for Dahlia at Diamond A.
Grave marker coverage has been expanded to include mausoleums, and the tree-removal coverage now includes fallen trees that block driveways or handicapped-access ways, even if the fallen trees did not damage covered property.
Kusunoki, a 75-year-old now living in Nemuro, eastern Hokkaido, made a three-day visit to Kunashiri from July 3 and asked inhabitants for permission to erect a grave marker on a hill where his grandfather Saburobe's remains were buried.
12) A photo of the original grave marker for Sergeant McGee is held by the Australian War Memorial.
A prominent grave marker indicates City's resting place.