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of or involving the common people as constituting a fundamental political and economic group

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With the renewed focus on languages at a Federal level--I'm thinking here of the National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) and the upcoming work on a national curriculum for languages other than English under the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)--there has been a mobilising of languages people and a flurry of grassroots activity.
For the next year, DWF will be increasing its grassroots activity by hosting events, being more visible in all forms of media and engaging more volunteers.
Even though the legislation was signed into law, IFA's grassroots activity maintained a feverish pace encouraging association members to continue encouraging and thanking lawmakers who voted for the measure in the face of tough opposition.
But isn't that lack of grassroots activity the problem?
You can't have grassroots activity if you ain't got no grass," he notes dryly.
Ladyfest isn't anti-men, just pro-women, and the idea is not new ( since the first Ladyfest in Atlanta, USA, in 2000 there have been hundreds of similar events all over the world, all entirely autonomous but with the same general ethos of promoting women's creativity and encouraging grassroots activity.
This form of research utilizes the scientific method of fact-finding, yet its distinguishing characteristic is the linkage of grassroots activity with educational improvement (Gillies, 1993).
Groups like the AIDS Action Council became trade associations, only without admitting it--and had a deep fear of grassroots activity, and no way for non-specialists to get involved.
Energy: SPI will communicate to policymakers the tremendous economic significance of the natural gas crisis to the plastics industry, through increased lobbying efforts and grassroots activity, including involvement in a natural gas consumers coalition.
The immigrant Web sites, firmly a grassroots activity, are not only keeping people connected, they're also opening the eyes of those who build and surf them.
This and other grassroots activity has provoked the creation of numerous legislative initiatives including, a proposal from the Clinton Administration, two bills introduced in the Senate, and one in the House, which all call for stricter safety measures regarding pipelines.
New Parts in UPA'S Papers of the NAACP Document Origins of 1960s Militancy and Depth of Grassroots Activity
So-called "AstroTurf campaigns" involve the use of digital media to generate "fake grassroots activity," according to Eric Loeb, and are very much a part of today's high-tech political wars.
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