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insectivorous mouse of western North America

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Other researchers had guessed that grasshopper mice might shun bark scorpions, or somehow dodge their stings.
House mice licked their injured paws for about four minutes, while grasshopper mice licked for just a few seconds.
But when the researchers dissected pain-sensing nerves from grasshopper mice and added venom, one type of sodium channel behaved differently and stopped the usual flow of sodium.
For the three most-commonly captured species, North American deermice, plains harvest mice, and northern grasshopper mice, individual estimates of relative abundance were calculated.
Northern grasshopper mice were more abundant (F = 4.
Greater abundances of beetles and grasshoppers on active colonies might provide an incentive for northern grasshopper mice to use these areas.
Northern grasshopper mice also are known to use burrows of other species for shelter and nesting sites (Agnew, 1983; Agnew et al.
Two northern grasshopper mice have been collected from Loving County.
leucopus), 66 Ord's kangaroo rats (Dipodomys ordii), 65 northern grasshopper mice (Onychomys leucogaster), 38 northern rock mice (P.