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Synonyms for grass snake

harmless European snake with a bright yellow collar

any of numerous nonvenomous longitudinally-striped viviparous North American and Central American snakes

either of two North American chiefly insectivorous snakes that are green in color

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A population of grass snakes was also found living in the Paralimni lake over the past decade and after several efforts by Snake George and his associates, the lake was included in the EU's conservation scheme Natura 2000.
A GRASS snake had to be rescued from a garden after it got itself in a knot.
Chris began investigating after spotting a grass snake in a pond in Upper Nithsdale in 2010.
As well as tree-lined walks, visitors can enjoy a nature trail and arboretum, an orienteering course and a fishing lake as well as the opportunity to see animals such as grey lag geese, kingfishers, weasels, mink, grass snakes and newts.
He said that even if there was still a small number of grass snakes in the area they would soon disappear.
But there are fewer hedgehogs, grass snakes, coots and even terrapins, a non-native species which has ended up in our waterways.
Bog garden - great for bumble bees, common newts and grass snakes Bog gardens are great on their own but when they surround a pond, they will attract more wildlife than each habitat on its own.
Volunteers are needed to carry out surveys to discover more about the distribution of grass snakes, common lizards, adders and slow worms in the area.
As part of the Grow With Wyre scheme, ecology chiefs are calling on the public to report any sightings of adders, grass snakes, slow worms and common lizards to Nigel Hand, the project coordinator, on nigel.
GRASS snakes are alive and slithering in the North York Moors.
NOW'S the time to see grass snakes in Scotland and England, but did you know.
Bizarrely, a speckled caiman died in 1963 "On loan to firm for window display" and pity the 24 poor grass snakes which met their end in 1961 "For feeding [to] cobra".
This will include the clearance of vegetation, removal of silt and creation of areas of open water which will provide improved habitats for species including great crested newts, grass snakes, water voles and otters.
The 18 helpers descended on Chopwell Woods to erect the structures for grass snakes.
In England, grass snakes are protected and cannot be harmed or traded without a licence, although they may be captured and kept in captivity.