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Synonyms for grasp

Synonyms for grasp

to take firmly with the hand and maintain a hold on

to perceive directly with the intellect

an act or means of holding something

firm control


a strong or powerful influence


the ability or power to seize or attain

Synonyms for grasp

understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something

the limit of capability

an intellectual hold or understanding


Related Words

hold firmly

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Above all, he graps the multivalentnature of the recording, that a record is what you do with it, never the same thing to different people--or to the same person at different times and places.
Despite the authors' archaism of style and their tentative graps of anthropology and world history, Geurrero and Magon reveal a profound awareness of the need to examine and eliminate the personal and institutional underpinnings of sexism, if human liberation is to have meaning.
Look closely and you'll notice sharp claws and the unique two thumbs on each hand; both help the animal graps the slender eucalyptus branches.
In addition to the representatives of federal and provincial governments, GRAPs stakeholders and donors such as CIDA, SDC, GTZ attended the workshop at a local hotel.
From the folky lyrics and chiming guitars of the Beatles and Byrds to Led Zeppelin drum-bashing and Rolling Stones raunch, from looping Motown-inspired bass lines to flat-out punk-fired raves, from heartthrob vocals a la Patsy Cline and Duane Eddy-style twanging to throaty Booker T-ish organ sounds and the sudden intervallic leaps of Little Feat, the Palominos graps a mind-boggling number of musical bits in their teeth, and taken them to places they might never have gone.