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(computer science) an electronic device that converts information in memory to video output to a display

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While this strategy helped with being first to market by avoiding the "lowest common denominator" problem facing Android devices, it may cause issues with maintaining their status as the visual display leader now that companies like NVIDIA and Intel are making it easier to program the graphics pipelines in mobile devices.
With the added feature of real- time hardware profiling, the gDEBugger tool monitors and provides visibility to various points in the graphics pipeline in real time so that ISVs can alter software on-the-fly to correct errors.
The Wildcat VPUs are the industry's first graphics processors that are programmable from high-order surfaces through to anti-aliased framebuffer pixels -- with highly efficient SIMD scalar processor arrays replacing hardwired logic and inflexible register-combiners at critical sections in a highly optimized graphics pipeline.
Altia offers full support for all four visible layers using either the 2D rendering graphics pipeline or the Sprite engine of the RH850/D1x- providing WYSIWYG layer control multi display functionality using its innovative Layer Manager.
The GPU re-uses geometry data that has already been processed so subsequent rendering calls do not need to go through the graphics pipeline again for each individual image.
Near eye-limit resolution driving very high resolution displays, Real-world scene density and depth complexity Sub-one meter out-the-window and sensor imagery over very large areas, Real-world correlated lighting, atmospherics, and special effects An economically upgradeable graphics pipeline, The largest dedicated texture memory in the industry for high-resolution imagery, Industry-leading reliability and maintainability.
Using hybrid approaches where parts of the algorithm are done on the graphics pipeline using shaders
Chapters discuss such topics as aspects of the visual system, subtypes such as low parallelism swept-volume systems, and the graphics pipeline and interaction issues.
In addition, the world-leading InfiniteReality3 graphics subsystem is the high-performance graphics pipeline for the SGI Onyx 3000 series.
This includes TAT's "TAT Home" solution that provides a unique 3D UI experience, the AntiX game player to show off the power of the platform in mobile gaming and multi screen content management; and multiple rich graphics applications from Imagination Technologies taking advantage of the OpenGL ES 3D graphics pipeline of the platform.
Altia offers full support for all visible layers using either the 2D rendering graphics pipeline or the newly developed engine of the RH850/D1x - providing WYSIWYG layer control multi display functionality using its innovative Layer Manager.
The Marvell ARMADA 1000 SoC is a high-definition advanced video and audio decoder that provides dual-stream, multi-standard video decode and audio functionalities, along with a graphics pipeline that can enable rich and sophisticated user interfaces.
High Performance Core -- Maya 2011 features a completely redesigned graphics pipeline that helps deliver new levels of performance for complex scenes while improving the quality of the viewport feedback.
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