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(computer science) a computer file containing machine-readable information that must be read by an application

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ImageStream 97 is a powerful add-on component for quickly and easily importing dozens of popular graphics file formats into Microsoft(R) Office applications and Microsoft Publisher.
A myriad of graphics files inevitably leads to compatibility problems and a big headache when you need to import a graphic file into another program.
frustration when working with disparate graphics files in documents and
Transmission Manager and Transmission Director can also apply automated workflow processors to large graphics files that are sent or received so that they are processed separately from everyday send or receive actions.
Filers reporting information should not include nonpublic graphic information in graphics files because the EDGAR system cannot distinguish whether a graphic file is related to nonpublic documents and will not block the file's dissemination.
Additionally, relying on an older frame relay packet switching protocol for WAN connectivity Paccess' China office observed significant latency problems when sharing large graphics files with headquarters.
jpg Graphics Files That Can Take Control of PCs and Servers
wav files that support voice-guidance and change graphics files that supply ongoing marketing messages.
This opens up new possibilities for communicating large graphics files.
Designed in conjunction with EFI, the Canon ColorPASS-Z800 maintains the color integrity of even the largest graphics files, making it the ideal hub for a printing and scanning network.
3 with enhancements that make capturing, editing, and adding graphics files and editable text to documents even more convenient.
The combination is ideal for remote mirroring for DR purposes, deploying dynamic web content from publishing environments to IBM/NAS appliances supporting front-end production servers, log retrieval/consolidation and migrating large-volume CAD, streaming and graphics files between centralized repositories and mixed OS edge nodes.
NET's Optical Media Solution to provide fast, digital transmission and delivery of the company's audio masters and packaging graphics files from its studios in the U.
The ACI system can download software, graphics files and other data, as well as collect electronic journals, all via existing network infrastructure.